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What Will Ryu Si Won and His Wife be Left with After the Divorce?

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2012.05.14 11:26 Mwave Lee, JinHo Translation Credit : Erika Kim

The plot behind Ryu Si Won’s divorce thickens. Ryu Si Won revealed that he still wants to protect his family, but his wife, Miss Cho, nevertheless seemed to be aiming to cut their ties, as she even turned in a request for Ryu Si Won’s financial information in relation to the separation of the couple’s property.

Miss Cho is seemingly refusing to talk it over with her husband; what, then, will she be able to walk away with after the suit actually takes place?

What Will Ryu Si Won and His Wife be Left with After the Divorce?

Cho filed for a divorce mediation on March 22, and in April even turned in a request for Ryu Si Won’s phone records, a breakdown of his credit card use and his financial information for the division of property.

Lawyer Yang So Young, who specializes in divorce cases, said on the requests, “The request for phone records normally comes when one side believes the other side can be found at fault with something. The financial records are requested for the separation of property.”

It’s clear the case will lead to an all-out divorce suit. The fight will most likely be fought in three fronts: the division of property, alimony payments and custody of the children.

Ryu Si Won is known to have built a great billion won worth fortune for himself for his work between Korea and Japan. The building he owns in Daechi-dong alone amounts up to 7-8 billion won, adding his other properties also yields a sum of more than 10 billion won. As appealing as the high numbers may seem, it won’t be easy for Cho to get that property divided.

Lawyer Yang said, “Most of Ryu Si Won’s wealth was built before his marriage, and because the two weren’t wed for a long time, it will be difficult for [Cho] to receive a part of the property.”

On the wealth accumulated after their marriage, the division will come based on how much each side contributed to it. Because the couple has only been wed for a year and a half and Ryu Si Won again was the main economic player in the family, Cho won’t be getting much of this part of the property, either.

The alimony case, however, will tell a different story. Cho stepped forth to check his phone and credit card records, and even turned in a request for a change in reasons for her claims to the court. If it is revealed that Ryu Si Won was in the wrong regarding their marriage, the alimony he needs to pay Cho could pile up easily.

Lawyer Yang said, “If one side is found to be at fault, the other will be able to receive a hefty amount in alimony.” About the custody of the child, she added, “Because the wife is currently bringing up the child, she has an advantage. Unless Ryu Si Won has a specific reason and justification to change the child’s living environment, there is a greater possibility that her custody will go to the wife.”

Ryu Si Won wed Cho, who is 10 years younger than him, in October 2010. With their marriage the couple revealed that Cho was pregnant, and in spring of 2011 it seemed the two would continue to live happily with the birth of their daughter Hyun Seo. The newlyweds met the end of their happy marriage a year and a half after it tied the knot as Cho filed for divorce mediation.

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