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[Interview] Hyun Bin Regained His Love and Passion for Acting After the Marines

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2014.05.17 15:00 Newsen Lee So Dam Translation Credit : Yeawon Jung

Hyun Bin reminisced on the first day of filming The Fatal Encounter.

Making his return to the big screen after two years of active duty, Hyun Bin shared his honest thoughts about his project in a recent interview with Newsen.

After he got discharged from the Marines, Hyun Bin met with his fans from all over the country and during his stay in China, he received the scenario for The Fatal Encounter. He accepted the offer when he fell in love with each of the characters in the movie.

Going back to the filming site after two years was a special experience for the actor.

He said, “I was nervous and excited at the same time. The first time I went into the makeup room to get my makeup done and dress up in my costume, I felt like I was a little kid on his way to an amusement park. But one side of me was nervous, thinking ‘how should I act.’ I didn’t think anyone would notice this, but Park Sung Woong sunbae did. (laughter)”

[Interview] Hyun Bin Regained His Love and Passion for Acting After the Marines

Hyun Bin continued, “The first scene was where Park Sung Woong sunbae and I go to greet the late king. I was thankful to the production team for giving me time to warm up. They allowed me to stand in front of the camera comfortably without any lines. Park Sung Woong sunbae also helped me out a lot.”

As the movie was his comeback project, The Fatal Encounter holds a special place in Hyun Bin’s heart. He explained, “I an attached to all of my projects but I really liked this film because I was away for a long time.”

He said, “It was the moment I’ve been waiting for. I thought a lot about my career and myself during my time in the Marines. I started acting because I liked it but it had just become work to me. I was thinking more and more that acting was merely a part of my work. Then I realized how precious acting is to me, when I couldn’t act anymore.”

[Interview] Hyun Bin Regained His Love and Passion for Acting After the Marines

Hyun Bin seemed happier than ever to be acting again. However, debates have arose regarding ‘king Jeong Jo’s presence in The Fatal Encounter.

About this, the actor said, “The Fatal Encounter is not a movie centered on ‘Jeong Jo.’ I chose the movie knowing that. When I was reading the scenario, I also wanted to act out characters ‘Sang Chek’ (Jung Jae Young) and ‘Sal Soo’ (Jo Jeong Suk). I was trying to focus on ‘Jeong Jo’ but the other characters were so charming that my focus shifted to another character each time I read it. That’s what made the movie seem unique. Some people might have been disappointed with The Fatal Encounter because they see other characters more when they expected to see a movie made for ‘Jeong Jo.’ (laughter)”

Controversies arose about the movie itself, but it is hard to find any criticism on Hyun Bin’s acting. Hyun Bin created a whole new ‘Jeong Jo’ through the movie and succeeded in bringing out empathy from the audience.

The Fatal Encounter has sold over 3.2 million tickets and has been ranking number one in the box office.

Photo credit: Lotte Entertainment

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