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Soccer Superstar Park Ji Sung to Participate in ‘Running Man’

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2012.05.11 16:24 Mwave Ko Hong Ju Translation Credit : Grace Danbi Hong

Manchester United’s Park Ji Sung will be appearing on SBS’ Running Man. The staff of Running Man is staying silent of when and where the filming will take place, but the fact that Park Ji Sung will be a guest has been exciting fans all around.

Running Man is a program that represents the genre of pursuit in variety shows. With this being Park Ji Sung’s first variety appearance and it being on Running Man, fans are expecting a grandiose episode. There is also another point of anticipation that is being discussed, and that is whether it will surpass KBS2’s 1 Night 2 Days special featuring the baseball player, Park Chan Ho.

Soccer Superstar Park Ji Sung to Participate in ‘Running Man’

Park Chan Ho has previously appeared on 1 Night 2 Days three times. In December of 2008, Park Chan Ho was shown swimming in a freezing lake in the middle of winter, as well as risking his life for food, earning the love and respect from viewers with his down-to-earth charms. A year later, in January of 2011, Park greeted the cast members in Gapeyong, Gyeonggido, bringing chicken and once again, dunking his body in another freezing lake. That episode became a special with Park Chan Ho’s appearance as well as Kim Jong Min’s comeback onto the show after two years.

In the midst of all this, Park Ji Sung’s appearance on Running Man has been garnering higher expectations. It just so happens that with Running Man new change in schedule, starting on May 6, the program will directly be competing with 1 Night 2 Days, which airs during the same time slot. This means that the comparison between the Park Chan Ho and Park Ji Sung special is inevitable. Soccer players, Lee Dong Guk and Lee Geun Ho also participated in 1 Night 2 Days ‘Best Friend Special,’ but as it wasn’t an exclusive appearance, the two athletes didn’t appear as much on broadcast.

Of course, all of this depends on Park Ji Sung’s performance on the show, and whether or not he will fit well with the cast members. The reason why Park Chan Ho got along so well with the members of 1 Night 2 Days, enough to be called the seventh member, was because of Kang Ho Dong, along with reactions and helping hands of Lee Seung Gi, Lee Soo Geun, Eun Ji Won, and the other cast members. Park Ji Sung can be the missing variable that will help that same light shine in Running Man.

With fans showing excitement and interest in Park Ji Sung’s first variety appearance, Park Ji Sung finishes his last premier league game on May 13 and is expected to return to Korea. Along with Park Ji Sung, the Running Man members are planning to fly over to Thailand on May 20, and start filming around the schedule of the 2nd Asian Dream Cup, opening on May 23.

Photo Credit: SBS, KBS Screen Capture

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