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[Exclusive Interview Pt. 2] Eddy Kim on Girls, McDonalds and Future Plans

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2014.05.13 16:30 Mwave Elizabeth Eun

Prior to Eddy Kim′s online fanmeeting with Mwave′s MEET&GREET on May 16, Mwave sat down for a Q&A with Eddy Kim at the Mystic89 studios.

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[Exclusive Interview Pt. 2] Eddy Kim on Girls, McDonalds and Future Plans

2 Years Apart is about wanting to get out of the army in order to date a girl - was that based on a true story?

There’s a little bit of my experience in there. But I started writing the lyrics based on my experiences, but then later on, there were so many people around me without girlfriends, and we were all soldiers with the same mind. There were a lot of things I could pick up from them and so a lot of that went into the song.

And for Push and Pull, you slipped in the McDonald′s jingle - how′d you come up with that?

When I released it, I wondered, ‘Is this not going to be okay?’ but when I wrote the lyrics, well … I really like hamburgers, and that anticipation, I compared it to that anticipation before eating a hamburger. So I was trying to think of a fun way to express that, so I put in that jingle.

There were no issues with that? With Slow Dance, the song was banned for your use of the word ′Greygoose′

Ah yes, Grey Goose...But that was more of an issue with the lyrics, rather than the music. So with the ‘daradarada’, I think there weren’t any issues.

How did you feel about Slow Dance being deemed inappropriate?

I felt like, oh I guess that makes sense. After I thought about it, I realized, Ah I guess this wouldn’t be allowed. Since it’s my first time, I didn’t really know.

I mean, it’s not like I could make all my songs with ‘Mystic89’ in it. So with that understanding, I concluded that it wouldn’t be allowed.

[Exclusive Interview Pt. 2] Eddy Kim on Girls, McDonalds and Future Plans

What′s your dating style? Do you do a lot of ′push and pull′ or are you more straightforward?

I think I’m straightforward. I think I do ‘push and pull’ but it doesn’t really work…but the more I date, the better I’ll get at it I guess?? But ‘push and pull’ is actually kind of annoying. Because if I were to date, I think I would want to just pursue her outright.

But your company doesn’t care if you date right?

But since, they keep saying, ‘Date, date’ I don’t really.. want to. I’m busy and it’s so hectic right now anyway.

What′s your ideal type?

I’ve talked about it a lot but a girl with aura… and force. Like, someone with confidence and someone who’s free. And someone who’s dated a lot, and knows what there is to know. Besides that cute and pure charm, I prefer someone with a more mature and tough personality.

A lot of your songs are love-centered. Are there any other topics you want to tackle?

Of course, there are a lot of topics I want to cover – and there are songs I’ve already written [on other topics]. But this album’s concept was specifically to show my guitar sound and minimal composition, which I’m best at. So to fit that, I put together my album, and going off that, I figured that songs about love or the opposite sex would fit best. So that’s why this album was most focused on that.

And what are your plans for future music?

I’ve already figured out my track list for my second mini album. There are a few different songs, with different styles. But I’m also going to try to include and write more songs that are similar to the style of songs that received a lot of love from this first album.

What are your plans for this promotion period?

If possible, we want to continue to promote as much as we can.

I want to do a lot of radio. And I want to do variety shows if there’s an opportunity. But I don’t think I’d be very good… I want to do it, but I don’t have the confidence.

But earlier, you said you like to joke around?

Yea, my personality is like that, but I think because I’m still a rookie, if I go to those places, I get stiff and there’s a lot of cameras and a lot of people I don’t know.

Any words for your international fans?

I’ll work hard to do well in Korea quicker, so I can go to wherever the international fans are...even though I don’t know where they are…I hope there’s a day when I can go to them all, and I hope that day comes soon.

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