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[Interview] Hyun Bin’s Back Muscles Took 3 Months to Build but Disappeared in 2 Weeks

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2014.05.17 18:00 Newsen Lee So Dam Translation Credit : Yeawon Jung

Hyun Bin shared the story behind his back muscles shown off in his latest movie The Fatal Encounter.

Hyun Bin attended an interview in a café near Samcheong-dong on May 12 to speak out on his film.

Taking on his first historical film through The Fatal Encounter, Hyun Bin as King Jeong Jo who is constantly facing dangers of assassination from opposing forces.

In order to act as the 25-year-old king, Hyun Bin had to build up muscles on top of mastering skills in archery and horse riding.

The Fatal Encounter sold over 3 million tickets soon after it was premiered.

Hyun Bin said, “3 million is not enough. People can’t easily be satisfied. I hope that many people will watch it. I’m sure there are people with different opinions on it but apart from the analysis on the movie itself, I hope the message it’s giving off can be well conveyed.”

[Interview] Hyun Bin’s Back Muscles Took 3 Months to Build but Disappeared in 2 Weeks

Although the movie received mixed reviews, Hyun Bin did not let the people down. Along with his stable acting, Hyun Bin captured the hearts of the female audience with his muscular back, which is already leading to numerous ‘Hyun Bin back muscle’ parodies on variety shows.

The actor commented, “I’ve rarely shown a ‘muscular Hyun Bin.’ I never had to and I personally don’t like to reveal myself. But I didn’t know that my back muscle would become such a big issue.”

He added, “When people think of kings, they imagine someone who is a bit chubby, eat only good food and have a serious character. I also held that stereotype. So I talked a lot with director Lee Jae Kyu, because the back muscles could be completely out of context from the movie. After talking with him many times and discussing each of the scenes at the site, I thought Jeong Jo could have had back muscles. In the end, I was convinced.”

[Interview] Hyun Bin’s Back Muscles Took 3 Months to Build but Disappeared in 2 Weeks

“Since then, I began to prepare my body. I did my best to make the body as it was described in the scripts,” he said. “The scene that shows Jeong Jo’s back muscles is intended to show how fiercely he’s been living in order to protect his own life, but it is up to the audience on how they interpret it.”

Hyun Bin’s back appears in the movie for about three seconds. For the short moment on screen, Hyun Bin had to exercise and control his diet for three months.

Working hard for that one scene, the actor said, “I feel proud to see the completed movie. When I was filming, I would think the whole day’s filming is only shown for a split second in the movie. But now I’m satisfied.”

When asked how his back muscles are doing, Hyun Bin said, “They have become humble, just like Jeong Jo’s personality,” causing a round of laughter.

“I built them with much difficulty, but it only took two weeks for them to disappear. Once filming was over, I neglected my body,” said Hyun Bin. “I didn’t exercise at all and didn’t even do one push-up. I was the first to run up to the food truck at night. I felt like I’d been freed.”

Photo credit: Lotte Entertainment

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