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[Interview] Lim Ji Yeon Shares on Filming Bed Scene in Her Debut Film ‘Obsessed’

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2014.05.10 20:00 Newsen Ha Soo Jung Translation Credit : Yeawon Jung

Having an elegant face and a look of sadness in the eyes, she seems innocent when she smiles but gives off eccentric charms with a straight face.

Lim Ji Yeon, the lead actress of Obsessed, is waiting for her much spotlighted debut film to premiere.

Having filmed a bed scene with senior actor Song Seung Heon, Lim Ji Yeon has no experience in being a model for magazines or appearing in commercials.

Born in 1990, all the acting experience she ever had was from majoring in acting at Korea National University of Arts.

Her lack of acting experience brought out concerns in some people, but that turned out to be unnecessary as she captivated the viewers by perfectly transforming into her character ‘Jong Ga Heun’ during the 132 minutes of the film.

[Interview] Lim Ji Yeon Shares on Filming Bed Scene in Her Debut Film ‘Obsessed’

In an interview with Newsen on May 9, Lim Ji Yeon said, “I’m nervous and excited to see how the audience will view my first project. I’ve been worrying and anticipating everyday.”

Having directed numerous 19+ melodrama films, such as Forbidden Quest and The Servant, director Kim Dae Woo fell in love with Lim Ji Yeon at the first sight.

Confident that she would be able to act out ‘Jong Ga Heun’ well, director Kim chose Lim Ji Yeon as the lead actress of his third film.

“The director wouldn’t look at me during the first meeting,” said the actress. “I gave up thinking that I didn’t get the role, but I heard that he wasn’t looking on purpose because he was so satisfied with me. I felt like crying when he asked me to work with him later on.”

Upon landing the role, Lim Ji Yeon studied and analyzed her character until her scenario got ripped and worn out. Engaging in forbidden love with an elite soldier (Song Seung Heon) who has a wife and leading his destruction, ‘Jong Ga Heun’ was full of difficult emotions. It was not an easy character to act out.

[Interview] Lim Ji Yeon Shares on Filming Bed Scene in Her Debut Film ‘Obsessed’

Lim Ji Yeon said, “I questioned myself numerous times, ‘Why did she make this decision?’ ‘Jong Ga Heun’ has painful memories from childhood and the only person for her to lean on is her mother-in-law. She is like a bird inside a cage. She can open the cage and go out but she chooses to close the cage in the end. It was hard to understand, but I tried to imagine the situation she was in and understand her.”

She continued, “Director Kim Dae Woo guided me from the beginning until the end. He coached me in terms of costumes, facial expressions and movements. Not just me, but everyone else poured their effort into character ‘Jong Ga Heun.’”

Another reason that Obsessed is receiving a lot of spotlights is because it will feature a bed scene with Song Seung Heon, which will be his first in the 19 years since his debut.

Lim Ji Yeon confessed, “It would be a lie to say that I didn’t feel pressured. I had a lot to carry with me since everything was new. In that sense, I am grateful for director Kim Dae Woo and Song Seung Heon sunbaenim for their consideration. They even took care of my costume and make up. I shouldn’t have worried so much because it wasn’t too difficult.”

[Interview] Lim Ji Yeon Shares on Filming Bed Scene in Her Debut Film ‘Obsessed’

Obsessed is not all about nudity and bed scene. The bed scene shown in the movie is something that any man and woman who are in love can do. It will tell the sad love story of the two people.”

Set in 1969 towards the end of the Vietnam War, Obsessed is about a secretive and preposterous love between a man and a woman within military family housing, which is strictly governed by orders and ranks. An elite soldier Jin Pyung (Song Seung Heon) will be led to destruction as he fall in love with his subordinate’s wife (Lim Ji Yeon). It is set to premiere on May 14.

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