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[Interview] Song Seung Hun Wanted to Break Free From His Soft Image through ′Obsessed′

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2014.05.11 18:00 Newsen Jo Yeon Kyung Translation Credit : Yeawon Jung

Song Seung Hun opened up to share about making a complete transformation in 17 years since his debut.

With his new movie Obsessed about to premiere, Song Seung Hun said in a recent interview, “The biggest reason I decided to act in Obsessed is that it is director Kim Dae Woo’s project. He is a director that can capture people’s minds well and I’ve always wondered what kind of person he is.”

Then he added, “When I first met him, I felt like I could trust him. I would probably have thought for a longer time if there were no trust. I was also attracted to character ‘Kim Jin Pyung.’ I decided to do it because I really wanted to. A lot of attention has been on the nudity, but it was personally challenging for me to act out the man named ‘Kim Jin Pyung.’”

[Interview] Song Seung Hun Wanted to Break Free From His Soft Image through ′Obsessed′

In the movie, Song Seung Hun will be acting as colonel ‘Kim Jin Pyung,’ who is respected by everyone for his show of bravery and leadership in Vietnam War. He will be shaken up by forbidden love as he falls for his subordinate’s wife.

“The idea of falling in love with the subordinate’s wife was new to me. I’ve never even experienced anything like it in my love life,” said Song Seung Hun with a smile. “I wanted to challenge myself in something new and I thought I could show another side of me to the audience.”

He continued, “It is not an innocent and sweet love, for sure. But it is surely focused more on the feeling of love rather than on nudity. Even though Kim Jin Pyung is married, his first love is his subordinate’s wife. And that love was a forbidden one. Isn’t that painful? More sadness was involved in this movie than any other projects. That’s what attracted me and I think the audience will also agree.”

[Interview] Song Seung Hun Wanted to Break Free From His Soft Image through ′Obsessed′

However, attention can’t help but to be on Song Seung Hun’s revealing scenes in the movie, as he has been known for his body since his debut.

Song Seung Hun shyly said, “Of course I hesitated at first. But I think I could do it because of my current age. I probably couldn’t have done it in my twenties. I wasn’t confident and didn’t have experience…and I would’ve regretted it back then.”

“As my age went past thirty, I began to want to break the image that I’ve always had,” said the actor. “The thirst for change increased after I got discharged from the army. Without realizing, I was choosing projects and acting within boundaries that I set for myself. And in one moment, the wall that I built for myself felt like a jail. Many seniors have always told me, ‘You need to try acting out different roles’ and I always said, ‘Yes, I should’ but I think I was always on the same spot.”

Song Seung Hun did his part in trying to change his image, however. After getting his innocent, gentle and generous image from drama Autumn Tale and Summer Scent, Song Seung Hun took on various projects to transform his image. But the problem was that Song Seung Hun carried with him the ‘soft’ image no matter what role he played.

“It’s not a bad thing. I’m happy about it. It’s an image that someone else could yearn for but cannot have, “said Song Seung Hun. “But when I see some of the seniors act out unique characters, I want to try it out, but many people just exclude me by thinking ‘Song Seung Hun is not fit for a character like that.’ So it wasn′t always a good thing as an actor. I wanted to escape and break free from my image.”

[Interview] Song Seung Hun Wanted to Break Free From His Soft Image through ′Obsessed′

So how does he feel after making a transformation through the character ‘Kim Jin Pyung’?

“It’s good thing I’m still in my thirties, but I honestly wanted to film something like this while I was still young,” said the actor. “Now that I finished filming Obsessed, I am more relieved than I ever was for finishing a project. It feels like I’ve let go of the baggage that I have been carrying with me for the past ten, fifteen years as an actor. I feel confident enough to take on any role now.”

Obsessed is a melodramatic film set at the end of Vietnam War in 1969, depicting a secretive and forbidden love within military family housing. It will premiere on May 14.

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