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[Exclusive Interview] Lunafly Members Talk Special Guys and Special Girls

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2014.05.02 19:08 Mwave Elizabeth Eun

Though Lunafly is, by strict definition, a K-pop group, Lunafly has managed to subvert K-Pop expectations.

Composed of Sam, Teo and Yun, Lunafly has, since its debut, had arguably more international fans than Korean ones. The group tours extensively overseas, has made a point of learning phrases in a variety of languages, and regularly uploads covers of pop songs on Youtube- which means overseas fans just can’t help falling in love.

But this time, Lunafly has returned with not a cover, but an original track, Special Guy.

In an exclusive interview with Mwave, the Lunafly members spilled on their special girls and themselves as special guys.

[Exclusive Interview] Lunafly Members Talk Special Guys and Special Girls

What makes you a Special Guy?

Teo: Well, my neck is long. It’s definitely longer than most people’s. Much longer.

And...that’s...it….my neck is long. So it takes longer to swallow my saliva? And food too...apparently it takes 7 seconds for food to go from your mouth to your stomach, but it takes me 8.5 seconds. And I digest slower too. And sometimes food gets stuck in my throat!

[Exclusive Interview] Lunafly Members Talk Special Guys and Special Girls

Teo: [About Sam] He looks sort of odd right? When a Korean looks at him, they’re like, “Hm, he’s not Korean.” But when foreigners look at him, they think, “Hey he’s Korean!”

Sam: Yea...I guess I look..special. Normally mixed people are good-looking right? Those words are supposed to come out … but … no one says it.
But I’m a pretty normal guy. I dont know, hm, I think I’m the only English person in K-Pop. And I think I’m the only half-Caucasian guy in music. I think there are girls, but I’m not sure about guys.

[Exclusive Interview] Lunafly Members Talk Special Guys and Special Girls

Sam: [About Yun] His face. Look at it. His face, it’s perfect!

Yun: I think I hear well? I can pick up accents well. When I listen to foreign languages, I can hear and pick up the tones and accents well. That’s a skill right? But.. I can’t speak the languages.

Sam: He’s really good at Spanish songs too though!

Yun: Yea, since we’re going to South America, we’re preparing [a lot of] songs.

[Exclusive Interview] Lunafly Members Talk Special Guys and Special Girls

And what would make a girl a Special Girl?

Teo: If she’s my girl, she’s special.

Yun and Sam fake throwing up sounds

Sam: Yes...yes if she’s Teo’s girl, she’s special. She’ll have to be special. Because… Teo is kinda weird…

Yun: For me, I really like games...so if she’s good at her own work and.. at games?

Usually, once I get into a game, I get sucked into it. Right now, it’s Sudden Attack, which I’ve been into for a long time, and there’s been League of Legends, for mobile games, Clash of Clans.

So if she’s good at what she does and she’s good at games, that would be a really cool girl to me.

Sam: I like girls who dress well!

Check out Lunafly′s video for Special Guy below!

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