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[Exclusive Interview] Eric Nam on Working with Infinite′s Hoya, SUJU-M′s Henry and More

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2014.05.05 12:00 Mwave Elizabeth Eun

While collaborations are semi-common in the K-Pop world, most collabs seem to happen between artists within the same company.

So how did Eric Nam link up with Hoya, he of Infinite, Infinite H and Reply 1997 fame?

Eric Nam spilled on how he ended up working with Hoya and who he’d want to collaborate with in an interview with Mwave.

[Exclusive Interview] Eric Nam on Working with Infinite′s Hoya, SUJU-M′s Henry and More

“I would go and do the guides, demos and chorus for the arists they were working on. For example, ToHeart, Key and Woohyun, I did their chorus, I did their guide - basically, whatever they heard first was mostly my voice,” said Eric Nam. “Same was the case for the upcoming Infinite album. I did a couple of theirs, and Boyfriend, worked with them, did a lot of directing.”

“So through that, I got to know Hoya just a little big, and then Sweetune was like, “How about we get Infinite H’s Hoya featuring on your track,” said Eric Nam. “For me, I’m a big fan of Infinite and Infinite H, so it was a good fit and I’m very thankful and lucky to have him working with me.”

[Exclusive Interview] Eric Nam on Working with Infinite′s Hoya, SUJU-M′s Henry and More

And though Eric Nam has already worked with many K-Pop artists, albeit, behind the scenes, he’s ready to work more with more varied talent.

“I’m always open to working with anybody, everybody. And I think Korea would really benefit more from having more collaboration,” said Eric Nam. “I feel like it’s very splintered off. But I think [collaborating] is a very important way of having new creative content be developed, so I’d love to have that happen.”

Eric Nam lists Urban Zakapa, Ailee, Jamie Foxx and others as some of the artists he’d like to work with, but also hopes to venture into more aspects of the music industry.

“Ideally, I would love to [go into producing]. I don’t know if I have the skill set yet, but in the future, I’d like to work at that aspect,” said Eric Nam. “I work with a songwriting friend, Gen, he’s part of Noize Bank, Henry’s music writing crew. He and the entire Noize Bank crew, we knew each other in Boston, because they went to Berklee and I founded Kollaboration Boston.”

Once Noize Bank moved out to Korea, which coincidentally timed perfectly with the end of Eric Nam’s stint on MBC’s The Great Birth, Eric Nam, the Noize Bank crew and Henry all got together to form a sort of creative collective.

[Exclusive Interview] Eric Nam on Working with Infinite′s Hoya, SUJU-M′s Henry and More

“Since then, Gen and I write a lot together, and Henry, once in awhile will give us input,” said Eric Nam. “For now, we’ve done a lot of my own songs, but hopefully we’ll get to produce for other people as well and have our own collaborations.”

Though Eric Nam is currently promoting his single Ooh Ooh, he’s already looking to the future.

“This year, I’d like to promote more music. Hopefully, I can have at least a mini-album out by the end of the year. My ideal dream would be to have a least two more promotion periods in addition to his, but we’ll see.”

Photo credit: Eric Nam′s Instagram

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