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[Exclusive Interview] The JJCC Members Explain Their Unique Names

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2014.05.05 10:00 Mwave Elizabeth Eun

There’s no shortage of unique names in the K-Pop industry - and though we know why (all the Kim XX and Lee XX would make a Google search a major pain) - there’s still a few surprises floating out there.

In an interview with JJCC, Mwave found out just what exactly is in (their) names.

[Exclusive Interview] The JJCC Members Explain Their Unique Names

Of the five members, Prince Mak’s name clearly stands out the most - but surprise, surprise - Prince Mak is actually one of the few members who goes by his legal name.

“I was actually born with the full name Henry Prince Mak. Henry is my first name, Prince is my middle name and Mak is my surname,” said Prince Mak. “I think my family, although we’re Chinese, my grandpa is from Hong Kong and he immigrated to Australia and both Hong Kong and Australia were British colonies, so my family is really affected by the English.”

“The name Henry is the most common king’s name, and so that’s how I got the name Henry. And I remember asking my dad, so how come, if Henry is the name of kings, how did I get the name Prince? And I was like, ‘Why isn’t my name Henry King Mak?’” said Prince Mak. “And then he told me, ‘Because I’m the King.’”

[Exclusive Interview] The JJCC Members Explain Their Unique Names

And while Prince Mak is descended from (self-proclaimed) royalty, another member going by a version of his birthname is the Korean American Eddy.

“My full name is Edward - it’s a little long for people to memorize, so I just shortened it to Eddy,” said Eddy. “Before, our CEO of Jackie Chan Group Korea gave me the name Myoung Hwa to mean bright light - I liked it but didn’t like it at the same time, so I said I’d just go with Eddy.”

Though Eddy is promoting under his given name, the maknae of the group went with the CEO’s pick for his stage name.

“San Cheong is meant to mean blue mountain, so our Korea CEO gave me the name,” said San Cheong. “She meant it to mean to rise up and be great like a blue mountain.”

The leader also went with his CEO’s pick - the slightly quirky choice of Simba.

“Simba was given to me by our Korea CEO to mean, with effort and courage, let’s rise,” explained Simba.

“And if you look closely, he resembles Simba as well, doesn’t he?” chimed in E.co.

[Exclusive Interview] The JJCC Members Explain Their Unique Names

E.co, on the other hand, has no lofty aspirations behind his name - the name was actually his nickname from his school days.

“My high school nickname was Eco because it was short for Pyscho (without the psy). My other friends were Ra-ie from ddo-ra-ie (idiot) without the ddo, things like that,” said E.co. “I was unique and the way I think is a little odd.. so my friend were saying I was kind of 4D and joked around calling me a little psycho. But it’s a weird to call someone Psycho, so it became, ‘Eco, Eco!’”

And of course, the group name - JJCC - has several meanings as well. As told in a previous interview, JJCC stands for Jackie Chan Joint Culture AND Double Joy Creative.

JJCC recently released its debut single, At First, and is currently promoting in Korea.

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