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From Shin Jung Hwan to Ko Young Wook, Roo’Ra Members Take Big Falls

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2012.05.09 16:31 Mwave Oh, MiJung Translation Credit : Erika Kim

Roo’Ra fans are seeing their heroes fall one by one. Fans most recently were shocked when Ko Young Wook, who was the most active of the Roo’Ra members in broadcasts and television, was involved in a rape scandal. His scandal is all the more saddening, as he was garnering more popularity through appearances in sitcoms and variety programs.

From Shin Jung Hwan to Ko Young Wook, Roo’Ra Members Take Big Falls

On May 8, Ko Young Wook was brought in for a police investigation on suspicion of raping a minor. He’s saying that they had sexual relations with mutual consent, but fans are being let down in that he had sex with a minor in the first place.

According to the police, Ko Young Wook approached the victim saying that he would make her a celebrity, then raped her. Ko Young Wook, however, is maintaining that their relationship was not forced, saying, ‘I am nevertheless curious on how the accuser came to accuse me even though she knows all the facts.’

The Roo’Ra member that took the biggest fall is Shin Jung Hwan. He made a name for himself as a TV personality, but in 2010, he was involved in an overseas gambling scandal after which he had to leave all of his programs. At the time, Shin Jung Hwan was unable to return to the country from Cebu in the Philippines because he was heavily in debt due to baccarat gambling, but lied that he had been admitted to the hospital for dengue fever to the Korean public, after missing a number of program shoots. The incident drew out the wrath of the public, and he was even sentenced to eight months in prison. The celebrity was released through a special pardon for Christmas.

Lee Sang Min was also involved in various scandals in the past. Last year he was charged for receiving payments after setting up people with loans, and in 2010 he was also under suspicion of managing an illegal gambling website. He’s aiming for a comeback through Mnet’s God of Music, which shows him trying to bring up a new group, but as Ko Young Wook, who appears with him on the show, has been caught up in a scandal, he’s come to be harmed by the scandal himself.

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