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Kim C, Sweet Sorrow, SuperKidd and More Express Frustrations at Music Festival Being Canceled Last Minute

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2014.04.28 16:05 Mwave Grace Danbi Hong

While many programs and events were canceled in light of the Sewol tragedy, musicians expressed their anger and frustration at the cancellation of the Beautiful Mint Life 2014 music festival just one day before it took place.

The Beautiful Mint Life 2014 music festival was scheduled to begin on April 26 and continue on April 27, May 3, and May 4, however, the Goyang Cultural Foundation decided to one-sidedly cancel the event a day before to show respect for the victims and their families.

As the notice came just a day before, set list changes, stage installations, sound checks, and rehearsals already took place, leaving artists and staff speechless at the sudden news, especially after the producer of Mint Paper, in charge of the festival, said on April 22 that the festival will take place as a time of a musical healing.

Kim C, Sweet Sorrow, SuperKidd and More Express Frustrations at Music Festival Being Canceled Last Minute

It’s assumed that the festival was canceled after a political candidate for the Goyang office issued a statement on April 25, demanding an apology from the city of Goyang, saying this is not the time to be drinking and dancing at a music festival. Local elections take place on June 4.

More than 50 groups were scheduled to perform during the four-day festival.

Many artists, even those not scheduled to perform, took to their SNS to voice their opinions on the matter.

SuperKidd’s Her Check wrote, “An order for 1000 hamburgers came in, and after making it all, the person who ordered said he was a vegetarian…. So we replaced the patties with falafels and worked hard to prepare and package it. When we were ready to deliver, the order was canceled.”

Kim C tweeted on April 26, “To perform or not is not something for politicians to decide,” and “If there are people who have never received comfort from music at least once in their lives, they need to reexamine their lives. Music is not just meant to create excitement. I’ve heard of a story that even a fortune-teller needs music when she dances on knives. Music is not just for enjoyment but also when comfort is needed.”

Kim C, Sweet Sorrow, SuperKidd and More Express Frustrations at Music Festival Being Canceled Last Minute

Kingston Rudieska’s Lee Suk Yuel tweeted, “I’m very angered that the music career that I’ve had for a very long time is being compared to just drinking and music playing. Can those people go out and criticize all the people who are out on the streets right now, drinking, and laughing? Why are you against this? You shouldn’t go to work either.”

He added, “BML was canceled. One-sidedly by the Goyang Cultural Foundation. I see this as an absurd situation that ignored the musicians who armed themselves with innocence and hoped to give healing to people with music, the fans who wanted to receive healing from that kind of music, and the staff who worked hard to organize this festival.”

Sweet Sorrow’s Sung Jin Hwan also tweeted, “I remember the start of music festivals, which comforted people as they sang songs of peace during a dark time that was stained by racial discrimination and war. Spring of 2014, I want to believe that there is something for us to do, for us to protect in miserable South Korea. After I started music as career, I’ve never had a moment when belief was shaken as much as it was today. What pressure caused Beautiful Mint Life to be canceled with not even a day left. This is an excruciatingly sad and embarrassing night."

YOZOH wrote in her Facebook, “Beautiful Mint Life, which was scheduled to take place in Goyang Aramnuri, has been canceled. The event was canceled with the one-sided cancelation notification from the city of Goyang. We thought that would give comfort with music and the members all worked extremely hard to prepare, so this is unfortunate news. We ask for your understanding. It pains my heart that as musicians, there is nothing we can do – no, there is nothing we’re allowed to do.”

Photo credit: Mint Paper, All mentioned stars’ SNS

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