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[Interview] ‘Sketch’ Park Jae Jung Says Marriage Should Never be Forced

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2014.04.27 13:00 Newsen Jo Yeon Kyung Translation Credit : Yeawon Jung

Park Jae Jung shared his honest thoughts on dating and marriage.

Acting as romantic guy ‘Chang Min’ who can read the minds of women in film Sketch, Park Jae Jung was asked for his actual dating style during a recent interview with Newsen.

He brought out laughter by saying, “I think I’m far from being a man like ‘Chang Min.’ I learn many dating skills through my characters, and that was also true with this project."

[Interview] ‘Sketch’ Park Jae Jung Says Marriage Should Never be Forced

Park Jae Jung continued, “Honestly, ‘Chang Min’ has the natural ability to read people’s minds but that’s a difficult thing to do for most men. Most men do not know what women think and accordingly, cannot be very considerate of their feelings. It’s not an easy task but I also noticed my shortcomings while I filmed. I realized that the process of getting to know someone is more important than just knowing how they feel.”

He explained, “People say that men are from Mars and women are from Venus. Men and women continue to fight even when they become grandpas and grandmas. It’s not about who is right or wrong but more about being the same or different. I think the shortcut to dating depends on how much they are willing to understand and accept each other. I didn’t think this way before but I want to become an understanding man to my lover in the future.”

[Interview] ‘Sketch’ Park Jae Jung Says Marriage Should Never be Forced

Park Jae Jung then went on to share his thoughts on marriage saying, “People say that marriage is one of the most important things in life. I think it’s not something that should be forced. Like there is a certain order of things, the timing needs to be right and natural. Life as ‘actor Park Jae Jung’ is important but my life as a human being is also important. I’ll have to go with the flow since I don’t know when I’ll get married.”

[Interview] ‘Sketch’ Park Jae Jung Says Marriage Should Never be Forced

Aside from dating and marriage, Park Jae Jung’s mind has been mostly occupied with acting. He stressed that he needs to train himself harder during his time off.

“I reminded myself once again, that I need to study acting. It’s not something that someone can teach you. I need to study it by observing more people and looking back at my life. I want to be praised in my next project too. (laughter) My goal is to continue to show myself maturing.”

Photo credit: Newsen

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