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[Interview] Gavy NJ Tears Up, Hoping to Satisfy Old and New Fans

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2012.05.08 17:11 Mwave Park, HyunMin Translation Credit : Grace Danbi Hong

Korea’s representative female trio, Gavy NJ has returned with its digital single, Don’t Call.While the song is full of emotions and empowers the ability to pull on heartstrings, placing high on music charts as well as receiving positive responses from the listeners, there is a huge change for the group returning from its hiatus. It is that two members were replaced.

[Interview] Gavy NJ Tears Up, Hoping to Satisfy Old and New Fans

In 2011, Jang Hee Young (26) went solo, and due to the end of her contract, Misty (30) left the group, putting Gavy NJ through possible disbandment. However, through auditions, Jenny (24) and Gun Ji (20) joined Noh Si Hyeon (24), creating the new Gavy NJ.

At a small café in Sangsu-dong, I met with Noh Si Hyeon, Jenny, and Gun Ji, the members of Gavy NJ, who sacrificed their eating and sleeping time to show a newer, more mature side and to continue the eight years of longevity of Gavy NJ.

After the member change, what kind of benefits arose?

At face value, the average age of Gavy NJ went down. It went down from an average of 26.7 years to 22.7 years. Noh Si Hyeon, who used to be the youngest, suddenly became the oldest. Seeing that we’ve been in the limelight for eight years, it’s more important that our skills are more important than our age, but with all these young girl groups as our competition, we don’t think it’s really a bad change. Luckily, the new members, Jenny and Gun Ji both proved their beauty, as well as their talents.

Noh Si Hyeon: “To be honest, we never really had fans in their teens. Now that we have younger members and Don’t Call as a bright song, I hope we will get more teenage fans.”

In order to showcase the style change and to capture the hearts of young fans, twenty-year old Gun Ji showed ambition to have a casual conversation with fans.

Gun Ji: “Since our group is younger, I want to have a closer relationship with fans. We haven’t really started anything yet, but we’re debating on methods like Twitter or other forms of SNS. Of course, trying our best to maintain the image created by the original members is our top priority.”

[Interview] Gavy NJ Tears Up, Hoping to Satisfy Old and New Fans

Is your new song Don’t Call based on personal experiences?

Gavy NJ’s comeback song Don’t Call is created by producer Min Myung Gi, who is responsible for other hit songs, such as Sunflower, A Cup of Latte, and Forget You , and the lyrics were written by Noh Si Hyeon. The song is about the feeling of wanting to die after a break up, but soon realizing that it’s not that bad and it’ll be okay.

Noh Si Hyeon: “It’s based on experience, so I think it’s a lot more realistic. It’s a stance that anyone could have gone through. I’ll never understand men who’ll dump the girl, and call back drunk.”

Jenny: “If I was in that situation, I would just tell them to ‘Scram!’ This is off tangent, but the song title used to be “Scram!” but after must debating, we weakened it with ‘Don’t Call.’”

With their last dating experience a year ago, the three members complained about the unexplainable behavior of men, then moved onto asking the reporter about the feelings of men.

Noh Si Hyeon: “I don’t understand why he takes me to meet with his friends, but won’t come to meet my friends. Why they have to lie when they go to clubs or bars… If they were honest with me, I would understand everything, unless they were cheating. But really, why are men like this?”

[Interview] Gavy NJ Tears Up, Hoping to Satisfy Old and New Fans

”We’ll satisfy both new and old fans,” they promise with tears

Gavy NJ got younger and its song is something more people can relate to, but even with all these things, it would be hard to continue the long record of ‘Queen of Sound,’ and ‘Girl Group with Masterpiece Voices.” I asked them about special plans to maintain their old fans and gain new ones.

Noh Si Hyeon: “The motto of Gavy NJ is ‘sing a song that everyone will love.’ But suddenly, we were singing with more powerful and huskier voices. So we tried to sing in voices that will be enjoyed by people of all ages. We took away the heavy feeling off of Don’t Call and tried to portray a brighter image to it. But we didn’t toss away all of our original colors. You can hear all the Gavy NJ songs that fans will remember in our new mini album in June.”

The trials that appear with member changes are when the original fans do not acknowledge the new additions. There’s a quote that says, “It is the scariest when a fan becomes an anti,” and for Gavy NJ to aim for newer fans when they haven’t completely satisfied the older one might seem a bit thoughtless. When asked, “Can you guarantee that your original fans will continue to love you?” Noh Si Hyeon burst into tears. The pain and hardships that followed the member change suddenly broke the barrier.

Her eye makeup smeared with tears, Noh Si Hyeon promised with all her heart.

Noh Si Hyeon: “I’ve been performing in Gavy NJ since high school. I vaguely believed that our fans will stay by our side. I haven’t thought about how this change would affect them. I just thought that singing my heart out was everything. I must not have thought about this deeply, but I promise to repay all the love that the original fans have shown us by becoming a more mature group.”

Photo Credit: Kim Byung Kwan

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