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[Interview Part 2] BoA Says She is Too Young to Lead a Settled Life

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2014.04.27 18:00 Mwave Oh, MiJung Translation Credit : Yeawon Jung

Continued from Part 1.

’Make Your Move’ is a dance movie. Was it hard to film?

“Even though I danced for a long time, I learned many new things. I took lessons on Taiko drums and modern dance for the movie. And the dance scene between Donny (Derek Hough) and Aya (BoA) was filmed in a ‘One Take’ method for smoothness. So if we made one mistake, we had to start over. It was physically straining. But on the other hand, it helped to bring out more emotions as we repeated the dance moves.

The Taiko drum dance in the beginning was especially difficult. I had to tap dance at the same time. There were many things I had to remember but things also changed at the filming site.”

Did you use any dance romance movies for reference?

“I watched classic dance movies, like Dirty Dancing and Flashdance. I didn’t watch Step Up.”

We heard Will Yun Lee, who acted as your older brother, took good care of you.

“He gave me a lot of good food. I think he gave me more because I ate really well.”

You acted as a Japanese-Korean. Was it changed because BoA was the lead actress?

“Aya was originally Japanese. It would’ve been nice if it was switched to Korean, but director Duane Adler already had a story in mind, including Taiko drums, so it couldn’t be completely changed. So after I was cast, the character was changed to a Japanese Korean.”

[Interview Part 2] BoA Says She is Too Young to Lead a Settled Life

You acted in KBS’ drama and are currently filming movie ‘Big Match.’ You seem to have lot of passion for acting.

“I try to do my best in whatever I start. It goes the same way for acting. I will also be working hard as a singer.”

What do you find attractive about acting?

“A singer has to pull off many things alone. Expression is also done one-way. But in acting, you have to keep in tune with the person acting opposite you. I learned many things in the process. Cooperating with someone was something new for me. Someone depended on me and I had to depend on someone else, which created a synergy effect. Acting in this project motivated me to act.”

BoA is already on top as a singer. Acting could have been a risky choice

“That’s why I couldn’t start acting so easily. There have been many offers in the past. I also wouldn’t have accepted Make Your Move if it was a regular film but it was a dance movie. I’ve always wanted to try acting in a dance movie. I wanted to show my dance on the big screen. As a singer, it was hard to show just my dancing because I have to sing as well. I thought it was a good opportunity to show my dancing. Many of the critical comments about dance movies are that ‘they can’t dance,’ but I was confident that I wouldn’t get those comments. I thought dancing alone would make the movie a success.

[Interview Part 2] BoA Says She is Too Young to Lead a Settled Life

Starting with this movie, I got motivated to continue acting. So I decided to appear in Looking Forward to Romance and Big Match. So I’ve been pouring all my efforts into acting. I’m too young to lead a settled life.”

It’s been 14 years since you debuted but you’re still in your 20s. What is the difference between when you debuted and now?

“My passion for work is the same. I want to do my best in whatever I do. But now my work has expanded to different fields. I even appeared in variety show K-Pop Star recently.”

You said in a past interview that people don’t recognize you even though you promoted for a long time.

“Now everyone recognizes me. Variety shows definitely have their influence”

Do you have any intention to appear in a reality show?

“I don’t feel confidence yet. I feel like I have to be funny, but I’m not very funny.”

How popular do you think ‘Make Your Move’ will be?

“I don’t know about the number. I just hope that many people will watch it.”

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