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2PM, 2AM and More Express Frustrations with Ongoing Sewol Tragedy

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2014.04.21 12:52 Mwave Grace Danbi Hong

The frustrations of a delayed rescue and politics surrounding the Sewol ferry disaster have been building up with not only the parents of the missing students crying out, but even celebrities.

On April 20, 2PM’s Chansung tweeted, “Incidents can occur. However, the handling of these incidents shows us our society. Through one incident, we can see what kind of environment we’re in, and that [incident] is something that isn’t just somebody else’s but something that could easily happen to us. I think society is ill right now. It’s sad and unfortunate…. After the accident, I’ve been in low spirits. It’s not just because of the accident, but because of all the wicked acts and unconfirmed truths that have been circulating after the accident that have stabbed the hearts of those in pain, making my heart hurt even more. Those kinds of people… I hope they hurt as much as the pain they caused.”

2PM, 2AM and More Express Frustrations with Ongoing Sewol Tragedy

2PM’s Taecyeon simply tweeted on April 20, “All those people who made up all those lies and rumors aren’t even human.”

2AM’s Lim Seulong tweeted on April 21, “The country too…. Let’s work hard and correctly even from the small things.”

2AM’s Jo Kwon tweeted on April 20, “Right now, as grief and resentment grows / The captain, who let go of responsibilities / the government, who needs to embrace the families / the press, who need to become unbiased / netizens, some of who have become thoughtless / People are first. It’s so easy, but I guess it’s hard. As someone whose job is to always find a balance in emotions, my heart is also in low spirits.”

2PM, 2AM and More Express Frustrations with Ongoing Sewol Tragedy

But it was Lee Jung, who went on a rampage, tweeting on April 19, “It’s not even just this incident, but the rotten water and pus like bastards of the government are floating up one by one… Incompetent and inflexible, these idiots who only look for money and fame, step down on your own. When are you going to know what is really needed?! Why! What must something like this have to happen? Must it happen so you can pretend like you’re doing something? I am enraged… I don’t plan on writing on places like this or yelling alone at a wall any more. Please wake up. Please.”

The tweet was later erased and replaced with “The words I wrote in the morning, unable to hold back on my anger, have been erased. But my heart has not changed. It’s just saddening. This entire situation in which I can’t do anything is just unfortunate.”

On April 16, the passenger ship, Sewol, sank while on its way to Jeju Island with more than 400 onboard. As of April 21, 64 people have been confirmed dead with 238 still missing.

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