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[Interview] Kim Hyun Joong Talks Love, Relationships and Marriage

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2014.04.19 20:00 Newsen Park Ji Ryun Translation Credit : Yeawon Jung

Kim Hyun Joong revealed his views on love, dating and marriage.

In a recent interview that took place in a café near Samcheong-dong, Kim Hyun Joong shared his thoughts on dating and marriage.

As he is getting close to turning 30, marriage is no longer a strange word to discuss for the actor.

When asked about his marriage plan, Kim Hyun Joong said, “I don’t think I can get married. I would be 35 years old if I finish my duties in the army. I used to think that I must get married but I’m not sure anymore. I don’t think I can commit myself to family because I enjoy work too much. I think I would consider marriage if I face a dilemma with doing dramas and concerts.”

Then what are his thoughts on dating?

Kim Hyun Joong gave an honest answer again. “It would be a lie if I said I don’t date. I secretly dated about a year ago, but not right now.”

[Interview] Kim Hyun Joong Talks Love, Relationships and Marriage

He then explained how his thoughts have changed about dating compared to when he was in his early twenties.

“When I was younger I thought you start dating someone once you asked them out. But it’s not like that anymore. There is a moment when you see a sudden spark. Although I do hear from my hyungs (older men) that those become meaningless too…”

He continued, “I started enjoyed dating within the drama, since it’s perfectly allowed. You love someone so much but once the drama is over you have to say good-bye, and I even enjoyed accepting that fact. It’s like living in a different world. That’s why I began to feel more attracted to filming dramas.”

In KBS 2TV’s The Age of Feelings, Kim Hyun Joong was loved by both Gaya (Im Soo Hyang) and Kim Ok Ryun (Jin Se Yeon).

About this, Kim Hyung Joong said, “There was a woman who loved me and a woman that I loved in the drama. I am the type to go all in for the woman I love. But after filming the drama, my thoughts have changed. I think it might be better to date someone who loves me. It might make things less difficult for me.”

[Interview] Kim Hyun Joong Talks Love, Relationships and Marriage

He added, “I want to be more relaxed when I date now. Burning passionately in love and trying to hold someone back is not very appealing anymore. Ordinary relationships are better. Instead of buying flowers and doing surprise events, I prefer eating together and walking with holding hands. I didn’t know why ordinary was better when I was younger, but I know.”

Lastly, he was asked if he was willing to go public with his future relationship.

He answered, “I will never go public with my relationship. If the relationship doesn’t work out, the woman is the one who loses everything. I will not reveal unless I will get married. It is in order to show respect for the person’s life.”

[Interview] Kim Hyun Joong Talks Love, Relationships and Marriage

Meanwhile, Kim Hyun Joong is taking a break after filming The Age of Feeling. He is currently planning on a world tour concert, starting with Korea.

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