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[Weekend Playlist] Party with Eric Nam, AKMU, IU and More

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2014.04.13 12:00 Mwave Elizabeth Eun

Thankfully, it′s still spring over here in Korea, which means we can walk around with our earphones in, enjoying the nice weather - and we′ve got the perfect playlist for this weekend! Click through for a listen.

1. Eric Nam - Ooh Ooh

Eric Nam ditched the ballad route and went for it with Ooh Ooh and we basically can′t get that ′Oh pretty baby′ out of our heads.

It′s a good replacement for the catcalls you might get while walking around in the sunshine.

2. Akdong Musicians - 200%

During a recent interview, a certain Dal Shabet member said she had JungKey’s Alone on repeat - so we had to check it out and now we’ve got it on repeat. This indie producer has a knack for just turning out haunting ballads that somehow make you melt at the same time.

3. High4, IU - Not Spring, Love, or Cherry Blossoms

Yes, it′s spring. And we′re all excited about that. But we can relate SO WELL to this song - cherry blossoms are falling, couples are coupling and we′re still a little too attached to our big winter coats.

4. g.o.d - Sky Blue Balloon

Back in the days when balloons and colors reigned the K-pop world, g.o.d created a song for the fans, titled...Sky Blue Balloon. Simple name aside, the song is both super happy and super sweet and it makes us want to go back in time.

5. GaekoxChoizaxSimonDxPrimary- Air - Crazygood

Cuz it′s the freaking weekend and we′re about to have us some fun.

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