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‘Super Diva’ Helps Mothers Bloom

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2012.05.04 17:46 Mwave Kim, JiYeon Translation Credit : Erika Kim

We all have our heydays. It’s just that the freshness of those days is lost in the midst of our repetitive lives. Women who live as mothers especially forget those days more easily than others.

‘Super Diva’ Helps Mothers Bloom

This fact was made evident when tvN’s Super Diva first started to air on March 23. Many of the contestants were pretty plain and average. Their talent also may be said to fall behind the many audition programs that have recently become so numerous, as most of the contestants haven’t held a proper microphone for years with those hands that had to do chores, take care of their children and try to make ends meet.

Their heydays, however, have come again. The 16 finalists who showed up at the press conference for Super Diva held on May 2 in Seoul showed how much they had changed inside and out through the 40 day training camp. They were so different that many had to rub their eyes in disbelief on whether they were really seeing the same people they had seen 40 days ago.

The most impressive fact was that the 16 contestants all gave off a vibe of confidence and happiness. Many women hesitate to invest in themselves once they hang the title of ‘mother’ around their necks. These mothers, however, had used the 40 days to invest in themselves and only themselves, emerging with both polished looks and skills.

Producer Jo Sang Bum of Super Diva told enews, “We worked hard. We tried not only to lead them to changes in their vocal skills, but also to changes in their lives as a whole. While they were locked up in Ganghwado for a month, they suffered a lot. They’ll be able to showcase a bigger transformation than that in any other audition.” This is why we’re all looking forward to the first live broadcast to air on May 4.

This is also where Super Diva differs from other audition programs. It drew out the main viewer group, housewives, to participate in performances, and changed their lives in the process. Some may complain that their skills aren’t up to par with other audition programs, but the four weeks of training brought shocking changes onto the 16 contestants, and their hard work will pay off on the May 4 broadcast. This is why we need to listen to their cries, setting aside our prejudice.

Park Shin Ae (29), Jang Hye Jin (33), Yang Sung Yeon (24), Jang Eun Joo (34), Hong Hye Jin (28), Ryu Guk Hwa (41), Kim Hye Jung (46) and Yoon Jin (29) will be competing in the first round of 16. The hard work they put in for four weeks to become that one perfect diva will finally be unveiled.

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