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[Exclusive Interview] JJCC Reaches for the Top with Jackie Chan

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2014.03.31 18:03 Mwave

JJCC - written J-J-C-C and pronounced Double JC - has got world star written all over it - literally.

“JJCC stands for Jackie Chan Joint Culture, so it means, with Jackie Chan, let’s spread K-Pop. And Double JC stands for Double Joy Creative, which means, let’s create double the joy,” explained the group’s leader, Simba, in an interview with Mwave.

Borne out of Jackie Chan Group Korea, JJCC is the first K-Pop idol group to benefit from being reared by a true international icon - Jackie Chan himself.

[Exclusive Interview] JJCC Reaches for the Top with Jackie Chan

Composed of four Koreans (Simba, E.co, Eddy and San Cheong) and one Chinese Australian (Prince Mak), JJCC was created with the intent to spread K-pop and Korean culture internationally. And though the goals might be lofty, it seems Jackie Chan and his Korea Group have taken pains to rear a group that may manage to reach that longevity that eludes many idol groups.

“I want us to be like Shinhwa sunbaenim, to be together for a long time. So even though we do our own thing, fashion, acting, modeling whatever, we can do our own things and come back together for another album,” said Eddy. “Like the Japanese group, Exile. They have 30-40 members and JJCC is sort of like that kind of group. We’re going to recruit more members later. I’m hoping our team, that we trust each other for a long time, and we go together for a long time.”

[Exclusive Interview] JJCC Reaches for the Top with Jackie Chan

Though right now, there are only 5 members of JJCC, who all contribute their respective skills to the group, JJCC hopes to truly raise up an international group tied together by K-Pop.

“Our Korean CEO, she says, anyone, from Brazil, Mexica, Indonesia - really anyone, if you want to join JJCC and you have the right skills and talent, contact us,” said Eddy. “And if they’re right for the group, they can join.”

It’s a surprising stance to take, considering many consider group line-up changes to be a negative, rather than a positive. But for the boys of JJCC, who all have personal goals, this may be the best way to rise up.

“Originally, being a model was my dream, and I was walking toward trying to become the best model,” said Simba. “But when I was in college, I auditioned for our Korea company and I ended up getting in and joining JJCC.

But now, Simba simply says, “I want to do music till the end,” when asked about his future goals.

E.co, another former model, is the opposite - citing acting, modeling, music and even fashion design as future goals.

[Exclusive Interview] JJCC Reaches for the Top with Jackie Chan

“I have a lot of desires, so if I get the chance, I want to act. To model, and for music, I obviously want to be the best artist I can be,” said E.co. “But in the future, what I want to do most is fashion design. I want to launch a brand under the name E.co and show a collection. So I guess if I had a small wish, I would just want to expand and grow in many different fields.”

And while San Cheong, who stumbled onto JJCC via an audition recommended by his teacher, has a charming image, his goal is to startle the public with his acting.

“At school, I kept sleeping, so my teacher said to stop sleeping and go on this audition...so I just went and did it and found out it was Jackie Chan Group,” said San Cheong. “But I always wanted to act since I was young. Eddy wants to be an action star, but I want to do more unconventional roles that change my image.”

Of all the members, Prince Mak is the only one who doesn’t come from a modeling or acting background, which means he’s already, in his words, doing his dream job.

“Since I was young, I’ve always loved performing on stage. As a group, I would really like to have our own concert, maybe a world tour,” said Prince Mak. “But I really, really want to bring my family along, as I’ve been away from my family for 7-8 years now. I hope we’ll be successful enough to bring my family along with me so we can have concerts together and travel the world.”

Photo credit: Jackie Chan Group Korea

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