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Preview ‘Architecture 101’s Suzy and Lee Jae Hoon′s Kiss and Deleted Scenes

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2012.05.03 13:22 Mwave Stewart Ho

Architecture 101’s distributor, Lotte Entertainment has unveiled scenes that were deleted from the final cut of the movie.

On May 3, three deleted scenes from the rough cut of Architecture 101 was released by its distributor. The scenes had been deleted from the final cut for various reasons, and hadn′t been seen by the public until now.

One of the disappointments audiences felt about Architecture 101 was the absence of Nab Ddeuk, (played by Jo Jeong Seok), the hilarious neighborhood friend of Seung Min (played by Lee Jae Hoon), in the movie’s present-day setting.

Though the director had planned for Nab Ddeuk to not appear in the present-day setting, a small flashback scene was filmed. In the deleted scene, the present-day Seung Min (played by Uhm Tae Woong) returned to the staircase, near Nab Ddeuk’s old study room, before Seung Min left to the U.S. As Seung Min sat there at night, smoking a cigarette, he would fantasize seeing his younger self and Nab Ddeuk walking together down the street towards him. However in the end, the movie director decided the scene didn’t fit the movie’s tone and it ended up on the cutting floor.

Preview ‘Architecture 101’s Suzy and Lee Jae Hoon′s Kiss and Deleted Scenes

Another surprising scene that was left out was a kiss scene between Suzy and Lee Jae Hoon. A brief and cute peck scene was seen during the final cut of the movie when Suzy’s Seo Yeon was asleep on Seung Min’s shoulder as the two waited at night for the bus, however it was revealed that another deeper and longer kiss scene was filmed, but not included in the movie.

The filmed kiss scene was supposed to show towards the end of the movie when present-day Seo Yeon (played by Han Ga In) and Seung Min (Uhm Tae Woong) share a deep kiss. This scene was originally supposed to show a fantasy-reality alternation between the two kissing in present-day, and kissing as their childhood selves. Though the director even brought down Suzy and Lee Jae Hoon to Jeju Island to film the kiss scene, it too ended up being skipped in the final cut.

Preview ‘Architecture 101’s Suzy and Lee Jae Hoon′s Kiss and Deleted Scenes

Yet another scene towards the end was cut, this time between Han Ga In and Uhm Tae Woong. One memorable scene in the movie showed Han Ga In’s Seo Yeon cursing and sobbing in front of Uhm Tae Woong’ Seung Min at a pojangmacha (tented street carts) on Jeju Island after Seo Yeon became upset at the current condition of her life as a divorced woman, solely caring after her ill father. In the movie, Seung Min gently holds and comforts Seo Yeon as the movie then flashes back to the past, but originally, the movie showed Seo Yeon and Seung Min entering back to their room together.

In the deleted scene, Seung Min carries the drunk and passed out Seo Yeon to her room and gently places her on her bed. Seung Min then looks on to her in her sleeping state with many different emotion and memories flooding his mind. Nevertheless, this scene too, ended up being cut to maintain the quiet and warm emotions between the two.

Preview ‘Architecture 101’s Suzy and Lee Jae Hoon′s Kiss and Deleted Scenes

Though the scenes weren′t shown in the movie, fans will be able to watch the deleted scenes and more in Architecture 101’s DVD release.

Photo credit: Lotte Entertainment

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