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[Interview] 4Minute Says Making Comebacks Have Never Been Easy

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2014.03.29 16:00 Newsen Lee Min Ji Translation Credit : Yeawon Jung

4Minute made its long awaited comeback with Whatcha Doin′ Today.

Cube Entertainment recorded the biggest profit from a song when 4Minute brought out a huge success with What’s Your Name? last year. And thanks to that, the group managed to return with more confidence and a new song, bolder than ever. The new album is more precious since it was participated by all the members.

In a recent interview with Newsen, 4Minute said, “It’s our comeback in a year. We feel more attached to this album since we participated in everything, including the jacket photo, music video and choreography. I think the album expresses the members’ colors well since we participated in this album the most.”

Much of their confidence is due to the success of What’s Your Name?. The 4Minute members believe the hit song allowed them to take a step closer to the public.

4Minute’s Heo Ga Yoon said, “I feel like I got closer to the people with What’s Your Name?. Once I went outside of my house and heard my neighbor say ‘What’s your name?’ as she went inside her house. That’s when I thought, ‘We got closer to the public.’ It felt more real when I saw it in person. I went inside the house and proudly talked about it to the other members.”

[Interview] 4Minute Says Making Comebacks Have Never Been Easy

About having ranked number two numerous times in the past, 4Minute said, “There were many stars promoting when we made our comeback. We had to compete Psy, Cho Yong Pil and Lee Hyori sunbaenim. But we think it’s meaningful that we still did well among the amazing senior singers.”

More than anything else, 4Minute is happy that another song has finally beat out Hot Issue.

“People only knew us for Hot Issue before, but now we feel like we’ve climbed over that high mountain. Our song was the best out of Cube in its history. We stayed on top of the music charts for a while.”

4Minute’s comeback isn’t so easy this time either. The group is facing Girls’ Generation (SNSD) and 2NE1 and other girl groups.

Kwon So Hyun said, “To be honest, it’s never been easy. We always comeback when the house is full of other singers. The same goes for this album (laughter). You can’t release an album if you’re searching for the right timing. We subconsciously knew that we would face hard competition no matter when we made our comeback.”

Hyuna also explained, “The title song was completed awhile back. But since there is right timing, we decided to wait out a little, but then all these awesome groups made their comeback. So we decided to come back, because we’ll never be able to if we waited for the right timing. We thought that if it’s a good song and we’re confident about it, then many people will like our song.”

4Minute concluded, “Thanks to the success of our last album, the company was very supportive of us and took in our requests. This album is an extension to the last one, but it also shows new sides of us. The stage is arranged differently and we felt like we were going down the runway during practice. The range of movement of bigger and we have more number of dancers too. I think you’ll enjoy watching the different stage arrangements.”

Photo credit: Cube Entertainment

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