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[Video] SNSD Sooyoung Speaks Up about Her Relationship with Jung Kyung Ho

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2014.03.18 09:46 Mwave Grace Danbi Hong

Appearing on SBS’ Healing Camp, Girls’ Generation’s Sooyoung finally opened up about her boyfriend and actor Jung Kyung Ho, addressing why they hid their relationship more than once.

On March 17, Sooyoung appeared on the talk show with her other group members, when the unavoidable subject finally came around.

Sooyoung shared that when the first dating rumor started spreading, they had only just started dating and decided to deny it, especially since there was no photo evidence. But with a second and third rumor surrounding them, MC Sung Yuri asked if Sooyoung didn’t know how to date in secret.

[Video] SNSD Sooyoung Speaks Up about Her Relationship with Jung Kyung Ho

“I didn’t know. And because he’s my first boyfriend, I didn’t know how it would feel (to reveal it to the public),” said Sooyoung. “I also had a selfish thought that I wasn’t sure of my position yet. It was a time when I was trying new challenges like MCing and acting, and I didn’t want any adjectives to tag along with my name, since my future was still bright.”

Sung Yuri then brought up Sooyoung’s past rumors with Wonbin, which was a complete surprise since Sooyoung had absolutely no relationship with him.

Kim Jae Dong asked if Jung Kyung Ho was jealous, but Sooyoung said no. “He was rather happy with it, saying, ‘Do I look like Won Bin?’”

She also added that Jung Kyung Ho had previously told her that if someone asks if he has a girlfriend, he was going to answer truthfully since he couldn’t lie. “Whenever he said something like that, I wondered if he was in his right mind. I didn’t think he would actually do it.”

[Video] SNSD Sooyoung Speaks Up about Her Relationship with Jung Kyung Ho

Sooyoung said Jung Kyung Ho must not have known what would happen after revealing that he has a girlfriend and became rather stiff on broadcast whenever the topic came up.

“I wondered if we should have just revealed it back then, because if we revealed it now, it would become a lie, and that kind of bothered me,” said Sooyoung. “But I thought it was going to pass over, when it got revealed this year. I wanted to reveal it in a better way and receive blessings, so it ended with an empty feeling.”

Sooyoung and Jung Kyung Ho were caught dating on camera in January, making the couple confirm their relationship.

Photo Credit: SBS

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