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[Exclusive Interview] Rainbow Blaxx Talks Sexytimes

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2014.03.07 17:00 Mwave

When Rainbow announced it would be returning with a unit group, the appropriately-named Rainbow Blaxx, the new unit almost immediately began releasing a series of titillating image and video teasers that got everyone talking.

Despite the fact that the 4-piece unit debuted in the midst of a sexy girl group onslaught, the four selected members of Rainbow, Jae Kyung, Koh Woori, Seung Ah and Hyun Young, have managed to bring in a fair amount of attention - attention that arguably hasn’t been directed at its parent group in some time.

The Rainbow Blaxx members met with Mwave’s enewsWorld for an exclusive interview prior to its Meet&Greet at the Mwave studio and shared all the sexy details about their unit debut.

[Exclusive Interview] Rainbow Blaxx Talks Sexytimes

Rainbow Blaxx debuted with Cha Cha, a song that might not have made so many headlines if not for the many 19+ videos that accompanied the song.

In addition to the full body scans that showed the girls posing seductively, as well as the 19+ Style Film, the girls had to put on their sexiest personas - so how did they prepare to seduce the nation?

“We went out to play at night a lot secretly,” said Jae Kyung. “We went out to Itaewon...Gangnam...we snuck out to play a lot.”

Gangnam, of course, is the neighborhood made famous by Psy, while Itaewon is the foreigner-friendly area near the U.S. Army Base in Seoul - both packed with restaurants, clubs and bars.

“We like Itaewon, it’s always free. There’s always a lot of liberty there,” said the group.

“Also, because there’s a lot of foreigners there, they don’t really recognize us,” added Hyun Young.

[Exclusive Interview] Rainbow Blaxx Talks Sexytimes

Itaewon wasn’t the only place where the girls got inspiration, as one member in particular turned overseas for some help.

“Seung Ah in particular watched a lot of senior singer’s videos to prepare herself,” said Jaekyung.

“Yes, well...we say senior singers, but it was really more like international singers like Britney Spears…” said Seung Ah, who admitted to watching the videos by herself, at night.

[Exclusive Interview] Rainbow Blaxx Talks Sexytimes

But perhaps all that practice wasn’t enough?

“I actually went home for Lunar New Year and my grandmother was instructing me to make my eyes more alluring on broadcast and gave me specific tips,” said Jae Kyung.

But while the come hither eyes might not have been satisfactory enough for a certain grandmother, there has been a positive reaction from the men - surprise, surprise.

“But my younger cousin is in the army right now and he was saying that thanks to me, he was surviving well in the army,” said Jae Kyung.

“My friends contacted me and said that the response from the guys around them was really hot and good,” added Seung Ah.

[Exclusive Interview] Rainbow Blaxx Talks Sexytimes

And so, knowing that there’s an army full of men who lust after Rainbow Blaxx - who are the boys that the Rainbow Blaxx girls like?

The youngest of the group, Hyun Young, prefers her boys to be men, saying, “I like manly men...someone who can protect me, who seems safe. I think idol guys are a little too skinny...I think I like the macho style more.”

“I like guys who are kind of standoffish, but only good to me. I don’t like guys who are nice to other girls, I want him to be nice only to me,” added Koh Woori.

Seung Ah, who was on the first season of tvN’s The Romantic & Idol a dating show that paired up idols on the romantic island of Jeju, had the most simple answer, saying, “I like a guy who I can converse with easily. Someone who works well with me in compromising."

But it was leader Jae Kyung who had the most succinct - if not the most difficult answer.

“I like a guy who has dreams, and always works towards his dreams...and his first dream should be me,” said Jae Kyung.

And if his dreams and Jae Kyung’s dreams don’t align?

“It’s not meant to be!”

Stay tuned for a special video interview with the Rainbow Blaxx members coming soon, only on Mwave!

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