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[Interview] Ladies Code Wants to Promote More, Now and Fast

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2014.03.08 10:00 Mwave Lee, JinHo Translation Credit : Yeawon Jung

2013 was a year full of surprises for Ladies Code.

After debuting, the group released songs like Bad Girl and Pretty Pretty, which turned into veritable hits. Ladies Code was also the only girl group that debuted that year to receive the New Artist Award.

But despite their busy schedules, the five members of Ladies Code want ‘more schedules quickly.’ What makes them want to focus so much on their activities?

The laides of Ladies Code, who came back with So Wonderful, met with enews to share their thoughts.

[Interview] Ladies Code Wants to Promote More, Now and Fast

Meeting with Ladies Code

The five members all looked a bit sad, as they only had a week left to promote So Wonderful.

“We want to promote more and spread our name, but the promotions have already come to an end. We want to comeback quickly with the next album,” said Kwon Rise.

When asked if they are not tired after having released three digital singles within a year since their debut, the members passionately expressed their desire to do more.

Ashley said, “It’s not easy. But we want to promote more, and comeback quickly. That’s the only way the fans will remember a group called Ladies Code. We were sad to be wrapping up promotions for Pretty Pretty last year.”

The members revealed that their goal is to reach the top, and they talk about specific plans on getting there.

“Since we received the New Artist award, we’d like to go for winning number one in a music program this year. We want to go for being a group that is liked by people across all ages,” said Zuny.

[Interview] Ladies Code Wants to Promote More, Now and Fast

The following is our Q&A with Ladies Code.

How was 2013 for Ladies Code?

EunB: “It was the year that I did the most things in my life. I often said, ‘I want to get the New Artist award’ and when we received the award at the beginning of this year, I was so relieved. I was really nervous before.”

What are your goals for 2014?

“There are many things we’re dreaming of this year. First of all, we’d like to win first place on a music program. Once we do that, maybe we’ll receive casting offers from variety shows and other programs (laughter)”

What kind of song is ‘So Wonderful’?

Ashley: “It’s an extension of Bad Girl and Pretty Pretty. The only difference is that we used more instruments to record it with real sound. We tried go for the retro feelings from the 80’s.”

The song is very similar to those of Wonder Girls

Ashley: “We used the stand microphones to go for the 80’s feel. Many people have been comparing us to Wonder Girls sunbaenim, maybe because of the shape of the mics. We’re honored to be compared, but we think that Ladies Code has its unique color.”

What distinguishes you from other girl groups?

So Jung: “Many girl groups have sexy competition these days. We try to go more for the retro, funky and vintage feel. I think it’ll probably hard to find sexy in Ladies Code for some time…(laughter)”

What’s the key dance move for ‘So Wonderful’?

Zuny: “The ‘wonderful dance’ where you put your thumbs up is probably the dance point of the song. The fans also like the ‘bunny bunny’ move where you make bunny ears with your hands. They say it’s sexy, cute and seductive (laughter)”

You’ve said that Ladies Code has to be successful. What gives you the confidence?

EunB: “There are many things that a girl group needs in order to be successful, such as talent and hard work. The members also have great personalities on top of that. Having lived in the same house, I think every member is so nice and has a good personality.”

Ladies Code has members from different auditions. Rise is from MBC’s ‘The Great Birth’ and So Jung is from Mnet’s ‘Voice Korea.’ How is the teamwork?

Rise, So Jung: “We have great teamwork.”

EunB: “It was easier to promote Ladies Code thanks to So Jung and Rise. They are both semi-finalists of the two auditions, so I’m thankful that we got a head start because of them.”

You’ve been getting more fans

Rise: “The fans are really good to us. The fans of other groups also put their thumbs up for our fans’ cheers. I feel happy on stage when I see the fans cheer for us.”

Zuny: “Our fans are really passionate. When we perform, the fans of other groups watch our fans, instead of watching us perform.”

What are your future plans?

Ashley: “We’ve already come to the final stage of promotions. Time has gone by really quickly. We don’t have the time to hesitate. We’ll prepare for the next song quickly and come back. We want to make sure our fans remember the six members of Ladies Code.”

“We’ve like to become a top group like Wonder Girls sunbaenim, a group that is recognized by people across all ages.”

Rise: “We received the new artist award last year. We’d like to receive the bon-sang at the end of the year award ceremonies this year. We’ll show you how hard we work.”

Photo credit: Polaris Entertainment

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