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[Interview] Kim Soo Hyun Takes His Step Forward as ‘Irreplaceable Actor’

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2014.03.09 12:00 Mwave An So Hyoun Translation Credit : Yeawon Jung

Having turned just 27 this year (Korean age), Kim Soo Hyun has become one of Korea’s representative and irreplaceable actors.

From his early project Giant to the most recent syndrome-causing You Who Came From the Stars, the actor has been setting records with his successful projects.

With numerous places sending out love calls, Kim Soo Hyun turned all of this success to those around him and remained humble.

Having just completed filming, without having chance to look around at the explosive response surrounding him, Kim Soo Hyun looked rather relaxed and calm. One could see the actor has finally left behind ‘Do Min Jun,’ the character who struggled with deep emotions, from the looks of ease on his face.

[Interview] Kim Soo Hyun Takes His Step Forward as ‘Irreplaceable Actor’

-How would you compare Do Min Jun to Kim Soo Hyun?

“(Do) Min Jun knows many things, but I need to study a lot more. If there’s a common trait, it would be the seriousness. People tell me that I’m very stubborn and determined. The closest people around me have recently pointed out that I focus too much on one thing. They told me that in order to act, I need to see the big picture instead of narrowing my view. After a moment of thinking I told them that I look at the trees, instead of looking at the forest. I think my tenacious personality helps me in acting.”

-It must have been hard to act out an alien character.

“It was hard to express the time Do Min Jun has gone through. He must’ve had a lot of curiosity when he first came to earth. Then he probably closed off and learned not to show emotions as he got hurt by people over time. I didn’t think that those things would be much different for an alien. I acted out the emotional scenes as I do in other dramas.”

-You received a lot of praise for the scenes where you cried

“I got a lot of help from the other cast members when I acted out emotional scenes. Kim Chang Hwan sunbaenim, Jun Ji Hyun nuna, director Jang Tae Yoo and writer Park Ji Eun all helped me to express and focus on the emotions.”

-What was your favorite scene?

“I personally liked the epilogue scene that shows Do Min Jun freezing time and holding Cheon Song Yi’s hands to kiss her at the frozen lake. It was nice to add in warm feelings to a snowy and frozen surroundings. Writer Park Ji Eun told me she was touched to see me taking my gloves off during the scene.”

[Interview] Kim Soo Hyun Takes His Step Forward as ‘Irreplaceable Actor’

-How was acting alongside Jun Ji Hyun for the second time?

“It was comfortable to act with Ji Hyun nuna, since we already acted together in The Thieves. Her cheery personality really brightened up the filming site. "

"I said this during press conference too, but I can focus more on acting when I look at her. The age difference probably played a role too, but she allows me to focus well. When I acted with her, I tried to think in my head, ‘I’m acting with Cheon Song Yi, the biggest star.’”

-How is someone like Cheon Song Yi as a woman?

“Every time I read Cheon Song Yi’s lines (before filming), I would think that she is adorable. I would like a cheerful girlfriend like her. But I also think it would be tiring (laughter). To deal with a girlfriend like her, you would need to have personality like Do Min Jun. But I still would like one.”

-Do you like how the drama ended?

“I wanted a sad ending. I really wanted to make people cry. I thought of Do Min Jun dying as he continues to love Jun Ji Hyun, instead of returning to his star. But if it were me, I would’ve returned to live longer (laughter). I think it was a good ending.”

[Interview] Kim Soo Hyun Takes His Step Forward as ‘Irreplaceable Actor’

-What do you makes your projects so successful?

“I started getting a lot of love starting with The Sun and the Moon. The successes were due to the projects, not because of me. In Secretly, Greatly, I was a North Korean spy who came to love South Korea. And in You Who Came From the Stars, Do Min Jun was like a combination of characters I’ve acted so far.

-Do you have any fears for continual success?

“First and foremost, I’m thankful for people who are seeking me. But I am afraid that I won’t be able to challenge myself freely, as there are more and more things I need to protect and keep."

"I realize that the more I struggle, the more people I have that I can lean and depend on. I got closer to my co-workers at agency or co-stars by talking about things I struggle with.”

-Your popularity has been rising in China. What are your future plans?

“I will be meeting with fans in China starting in March. I was happy to be giving good news to my Korean fans towards the end of the drama. Please encourage me as I make my trip. It [debut in China] is still very awkward and difficult for me. But I will do my best. I will need to work hard since I can’t speak the language, but I’m happy that they’re showing their interest in me. I will work hard.”

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