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MR.MR’s Agency Admits to Writing Song to Diss SM Entertainment

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2014.03.05 16:04 Newsen Park Ah Reum Translation Credit : Yeawon Jung

MR.MR’s agency, Winning Insight M, released its official statement on the recent controversy surrounding MR.MR’s new song titled MR.MR, dissing Girls’ Generation (SNSD).

The agency reported on March 5, “It’s true the song was made to diss. But it was geared towards SM Entertainment. We have nothing against SNSD.”

Below is the official statement released by Lee Sung Ho, the CEO of Winning Insight M.

MR.MR’s Agency Admits to Writing Song to Diss SM Entertainment

“Hello, this is CEO Lee Sung Ho from MR.MR’s agency, Winning Insight M. I am writing to explain the controversy surrounding dissing SNSD. It’s true we dissed, but it was geared towards SM Entertainment, and we have nothing against SNSD.”

“I’d like to let you know that this is really about the relationship between grand sized agencies and the small sized ones. For the past 20 years, I’ve produced over 300 albums as the CEO of a small agency and love music more than anyone else.”

“There are only about 5-6 big agencies in Korea, such as SM. The rest of two to three hundred agencies are small sized, and they are sweating their sweat and blood, just like the large agencies. It might be also said that the large agencies stand out more thanks to the many small agencies. But if a large agency does not keep the business ethics in music industry, it’s like a big supermarket endangering the lives of street vendors by taking over the market street.”

“Many people say that it’s just a title, but there are different viewpoints if you look closely. There’s a clear difference between having two songs with the same title, and using a new group’s name as the title of a song.”

“Some people say this is not logical, but once a big star like SNSD came out with a title song called ‘Mr. Mr,’ the group MR.MR’s name was gone from the portal sites. Because of SNSD’s song, the five albums that MR.MR released in the last two years have been pushed to the very bottom on the websites.”

“Some also say that SM Entertainment might not have known about group MR. MR, but deciding on a title of a song is an important matter. Anyone would search the title at least once before releasing a new album. Deciding on a title, which is the name of a group they have appeared on music broadcast with numerous times in the past, is clearly a sign of looking down on us. No one from SM ever asked us for understanding or notified us beforehand.”

“SM Entertainment and others say this is our way of marketing. Yes. That’s right, this is marketing. I’m a manager and as a manager of MR.MR, I am going to do my best to promote MR.MR as the name of a group, and not a song’s title.”

“But one thing for sure, is that if it wasn’t for SM’s decision have its own way, there would have been no need for us to do this kind of marketing. What if MR.MR was the group from a big agency, such as YG or JYP? Would they have still done what they did? Just because the group is from a small agency, doesn’t give them the right to ignore our hard work.”

“The small voice of mine might go unnoticed. Because they are big, and we are small. But I will make even the small voice. Because our sweat is too precious for me to stay silent and watch.”

Meanwhile, MR.MR released a song called MR. MR on February 28, and some of SNSD’s fans have pointed out the song is dissing SNSD with lyrics such as, ‘Another me, mistake MR.MR. You might laugh at me for being shocked. You don’t seem to be scared of anything. Are you ignoring me, I’m not invisible.’

Photo credit: Newsen

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