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Who Will Be the Next Kang Ho Dong?

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2011.09.27 16:42 Mwave Kim Ji Young

Now that Kang Ho Dong is gone, who will take his place? This week, enews asked ordinary citizens and broadcasting experts to find out just who they thought was up to the job of filling in for Kang Ho Dong after his shocking temporary retirement.

Who Will Be the Next Kang Ho Dong?

1. Who will be the new ‘wild’ leader of 1 Night 2 Days?

1 Night 2 Days has become a nationally popular show, thanks in large part in the leader, Kang Ho Dong, who led his members through thick and thin. Who’ll be able to take on this immense role as the indomitable leader of a pack of wild semi-grown men?

Candidate 1 – No Hong Chul
His stamina will last through the night even in the strangest locations, and he also has the ability to talk nonstop, making him a considerable candidate. No Hong Chul could be the best one to add as the new energetic member of 1N2D, but, unfortunately, he has a fatal weakness. He’s suffered from an anal fistula! His previous bout of fistula was cured, but recent news outlets have reported that the issue has reoccurred, making it questionable whether or not he can stay outdoors while enduring his pain.

Candidate 2 – Boom
Boom has just been released from the military, proving he has the stamina to last during the long recordings, and he’s also proven that he still has his signature witty charm. But his character is similar to that of the original ‘cheap’ image Kim Jong Min has, and it is questionable whether their overlapping personas will have a synergy effect or whether they’ll only cancel each other out.

Candidate 3 – Park Myung Soo
Seeing Park Myung Soo go after Na PD (the other big star of the show) with his shameless ‘scoldings’ would make the members root for him… but his unfit body and incessant complaints would be a problem.

So who could fill Kang Ho Dong’s shoes in 1 Night 2 Days? The poll takers gave the win to Boom, with a majority of the votes, 65%.

Who Will Be the Next Kang Ho Dong?

2. Who will be the next Guru to be chosen by the Kneetop God?

What other star could manage to ask top stars those sensitive questions that even the most wily journalists stay away from, and still manage to stay as loveable as the original Kneetop Guru?

Candidate 1-Jung Hyung Don
Jung Hyung Don has both the cheek and the character for the position, but he tends to make guests feel awkward, especially if it’s his first time meeting them, making it near impossible to see how he’ll be able to take on the role.

Candidate 2 – Joo Byung Jin
Joo Byung Jin announced his return to broadcasting through Kneetop Guru fairly recently, to the praise of many of his former fans. If he takes up the empty spot, it would definitely be hailed as the return of the original king of talk shows.
But it all depends on whether he will be able to regain his former popularity after his 14 year hiatus.

Candidate 3 – Kim Gura
Kim Gura would easily be able throw quips of his harsh humor and also satisfy the viewers’ curiosity, but the downside is that he’ll probably be more likely to make his guests feel uncomfortable, thanks to his near-constant surly face.

So who could be the next Kneetop Guru out of these three candidates? With 45% of the votes, Kim Gura grabbed the coveted position.

Who Will Be the Next Kang Ho Dong?

3. Who will be crowned the next king of Star King?

Kang Ho Dong was able to perfectly bring together ordinary people and celebrity guests on the beloved weekend show Star King, but who else will be able to do the same?

Candidate 1 – Lee Su Geun
Lee Su Geun, armed with his popularity from 1N2D, may be able to show off his emceeing skills in Star King. He, however, has no experience emceeing solo. Still, the comedian is well-liked and is warm enough to make the oft-nervous guests feel comfortable.

Candidate 2 – Kim Guk Jin
Kim Guk Jin can make the guests comfortable with his next-door neighbor image, but whether he will be able to control the other celebrity guests with his weak energy and his thin figure is doubtful.

Candidate 3 – Lee Kyung Kyu
Lee Kyung Kyu is a veteran MC, already having hosted the most programs involving ordinary people for 30 years. But will this 52 year old MC be able to understand the sentiments of the young and slightly peculiar?

So who could fill in Kang Ho Dong’s spot in Star King? Lee Su Geun snagged this win, with a grand total of 66% of the votes.

Who Will Be the Next Kang Ho Dong?

4. While Strong Heart has Lee Seung Gi, the all-night shoots with over 20 guests are difficult to lead alone. Who might be the best candidate to partner up with the nation’s ‘umchinah’ (mother’s friend’s son)?

Candidate 1 – Tak Jae Hoon
Tak Jae Hoon is already used to late night shoots, thanks to his movie experience, and is skilled at bringing together guests with his signature bold style.

Candidate 2 – Shin Dong Yeop
Shin Dong Yeop, famous for being a heavy drinker! This naturally makes him a night owl, and his slick talking will help him lead the program smoothly.

Candidate 3 – Yoon Jong Shin
Yoon Jong Shin is currently judging Superstar K3, which has live broadcasts at 11 pm. The experience has trained him to stay awake all night and the older singer-turned-MC also has a personality that naturally draws more out of guests,

So who could fill in for Kang Ho Dong in Strong Heart? The polls showed that Shin Dong Yeop could be the man, with about half of the votes.

Additional reporting credit: Kim Hye Jeong, Kim Jeong Ae, Lee Ji Eun

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