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Rooftop Prince′s Park Yoo Chun Starts to Unravel the Mystery

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2012.04.26 11:26 Mwave Lee, KyungNam Translation Credit : Ju Ahn Lee

Lee Gak has slowly started to unravel the clues in the disappearance of Yong Tae Yong.

In the April 25 broadcast of SBS’ Rooftop Prince, Lee Gak (Park Yoo Chun) comes into the possession of Yong Tae Yong’s cell phone once again.

Rooftop Prince′s Park Yoo Chun Starts to Unravel the Mystery

Yong Tae Yong’s cell phone, which Yong Tae Moo (Lee Tae Sung) had lost at Hong Se Na’s (Jung Yu Mi) house earlier, is found by Se Na’s mother Gong Man Ok (Song Ok Sook), and later ends up in the hands of Lee Gak.

Lee Gak took the cell phone to a service center in order to solve the secret pin on it and discovered the photo album inside. As expected, Tae Yong had met Tae Moo in the United States and Lee Gak couldn’t hide his shock when he discovered a picture of the two of them together. Furthermore, he was outraged when he discovered that the picture was taken prior to Tae Yong’s mysterious disappearance.

Although he had found the proof of Tae Moo’s dishonesty, Lee Gak did not act rashly. Instead, he intentionally brought Tae Moo to a similar place as the one found in the picture.

He then asked the nervous Tae Moo, “Do you know what our last conversation was all about? Didn’t we go to a similar place like this in New York?”

Although Tae Moo became furious and accused Lee Gak of lying, Lee Gak wasn’t fazed one bit.

Turning to Tae Moo, Lee Gak said, “If you met [Tae Yong], you are a murderer. If you didn’t, you are a liar. Whichever answer you choose, you are either a liar or a murderer.”

Tae Moo answered back saying, “You crossed the final line. I’m going to utterly crush you so that you won’t be able to say such things again.”

Viewers who saw the episode left their comments saying, “Lee Gak got smarter, but his taste in women is still lacking,” “Mr. Charisma, I would have came clean if I was Tae Moo,” and “I’m really curious to find out if Yong Tae Yong is dead or alive.”

Meanwhile, Lee Gak revealed his plans to marry his reincarnated crown princess, Se Na, during the episode.

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