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[Preview] Eun Gyo (A Muse): A Story of Love and People

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2012.04.26 09:31 Mwave Oh, MiJung Translation Credit : Stewart Ho

A love that develops between an elderly man in his 70’s and a 17 year old girl, rookie Kim Go Eun’s nude acting, the explicit physical affection scenes…

Before its release, the movie aroused the curiosity of audiences with its shocking preview. More than the movie’s message, people wondered what sort of movie would feature such scenes.

[Preview] Eun Gyo (A Muse): A Story of Love and People

However the Eungyo (A Muse) that was revealed through the official preview brushed off those things and made known why those scenes were in the movie. The movie’s 129 minute run-time feels short as it makes one forget those suggestive scenes in the first place amid the movie′s elaborate feelings and descriptions.

The movie begins with a meeting between the respected senior citizen Lee Juk Yo (played by Park Hae Il), who was once a pro-democracy political activist, and the 17 year old student, Han Eun Gyo (played by Kim Go Eun).

Lee Juk Yo becomes fascinated by Eun Gyo’s youth and begins falling into despair over his elderly self. The passion for Eun Gyo that is deeply hidden inside Lee Juk Yo’s self, but expressed in his writing, which is discovered by Lee Juk Yo’s student, Seo Ji Woo (played by Kim Moo Yul), who is envious of Lee Juk Yo’s talents. The emotions from this tricky triangle between Han Eun Gyo, Lee Juk Yo and Seo Ji Woo, who all envy something another possesses, unfolds.

The ‘shocking’ scenes that were previewed before the movie’s release ended up not being about matters of obscene nature but a work about the beauty of youth. The physical love scenes play out only in Lee Juk Yo’s mind and not once in the movie’s storyline. The sex scene between Seo Ji Woo and Han Eun Gyo were explained as necessary by the director, Jung Ji Woo, who also did the same for a sex scene in his earlier work, Happy End.

The movie is a feast for the senses. The movie explains the reasons, through the characters, of the conventional desires anyone can possess.

As Lee Juk Yo falls deeper into his desires for Eun Gyo, his young student Seo Ji Woo begin to feel youthful jealousy. Seo Ji Woo develops mixed feelings of jealousy towards Eun Gyo, who is monopolizing the love and affection of his beloved teacher, Lee Juk Yo, and his own developing feelings for Eun Gyo.

Lee Juk Yo’s muse, Eun Gyo, relies on Lee Juk Yo but also begins to develop feelings for the writer Seo Ji Woo.

[Preview] Eun Gyo (A Muse): A Story of Love and People

The movie’s other strength comes from the acting. Park Hae Il, who is in his thirties acts as an elderly man in his 70s, and is moving and is worthy of praise. For the actor who even shot nude scenes with rookie actor Kim Go Eun, it’s enough to wonder what work he will do next.

Though the movie loses some of the delicateness of the original writing, the movie Eungyo possesses much richness. It’s certain it wasn’t an easy task to transfer the richness of writer Park Bum Shin’s novel onto a just-over two hour-long film.

Even the director, Jung Ji Woo shared, “I contemplated a long time about how to transfer the vast text into a film.”

The movie is not about a gangster in another world or a rose-colored beautiful romance. The movie unveils like a panorama of the feelings that anyone can feel.

One can empathize with the movie as a human being as there are desires about youth hood one can never achieve no matter how much one desires. The jealousy regarding the dangerous curiosity from youth about a capacity one cannot achieve is felt through the movie as well.

Eungyo tells the story of that feeling where one feels like their weak points have been exposed. The movie is not a story about three people but everyone’s story. The movie will premiere on April 26.

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