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Anonymous Actress Says Sexual Harassment is Common in the Biz

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2012.04.25 16:23 Mwave Oh, MiJung Translation Credit : Erika Kim

An actress revealed that “in showbiz, having to serve drinks to clients and endure sexual harassment is very common.”

She introduced herself as an actress in her early 20s who had been in the business for three years, and revealed on CBS FM’s Kim Hyun Jung’s News Show on April 25 how common sexual harassment is in the scene.

Anonymous Actress Says Sexual Harassment is Common in the Biz

To a question asking whether she actually had to attend events in which she had to entertain over drinks, she said, “I was supposed to have dinner with some president, and I went because they told me I could just come out to say hello, but they started doing things like touch my thighs.”

She then added, “One broadcasting official asked, ‘What’s your breast size?’ and continued to ask for the size of my waist and hips. When I said I don’t know, he started talking about something that sounded like sponsorship in a roundabout way.”

When asked whether anyone demanded sex from her, she answered, “I was asked from a person who was impersonating a producer.”

To a question asking whether there are others in showbiz who experienced similar events, the actress answered, “These things happen all the time. They buy you houses and cars, and give you millions of won for upkeep. Because it costs a lot of money to keep up your looks, I always thought that regardless of whether you have money or whether you don’t, it’ll be hard to say no to that.”

The issue was again brought to light with Open World’s sexual assault incident, an incident that was all the more shocking in that the victims involved teenage trainees.

After the incident, many women who were aspiring celebrities have stepped forward to say that sexual harassment is common in the business, drawing attention to the rights and conditions of female celebrities.

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