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Top 10 Moments of You Who Came From the Stars: Episode 19

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2014.02.22 11:00 Mwave Grace Danbi Hong

Episode 19 was an episode that reminded us that the end of You Who Came From the Stars was near, with plotlines wrapping up and lovey dovey moments followed by tears.

We only have two more episodes to go, but check out what our top moments of episode 19 were!

That satisfying moment when Lee Jae Kyung is arrested.

Chun Song Yi: There’s too many people. It’s too loud.
Let’s go somewhere where there are no people.

Do Min Joon: Okay, let’s go.

When Do Min Joon exposes himself to save the one he loves.

Chun Song YI: We’re the only ones here! No police, no reporters, no other people. No one else!
I’m Chun Song Yi! Try and catch me!
He’s an alien! Come try to get him!
We’re both here together! We’re going to live here together!
Here! Just the two of us!
We’re going to eat well and live well!

Do Min Joon, you do it too.

Do Min Joon: What?

Chun Song Yi: Do it, like me.

Do Min Joon: We’re going to eat well and live well, just the two of us!

Chun Song Yi: We’re going to do it! What are you going to do about it?

This is great!

And a breath of fresh air for our Alien-Actress couple..

Chun Song Yi: Do Min Joon.

Do Min Joon: Yes, Chun Song Yi?

Chun Song Yi: I love you.
If you say you want to live here, I want to live here.
If you say you want to live on a different star, I want to follow and live with you.
That’s how much I love you.

It makes me nervous because it feels like you’ll disappear at any second,
If we can stop this time we’re together. I would even sell my soul.
Because my heart for you hurts this much, I wish I never met you.
I sometimes think this,
But, even if I go back in the past, I’ll still meet you again
And bicker with you.
And fall in love with you.
And love you.

And then he feels faint again.

Chun Song Yi: How many kids should we have?

Do Min Joon: What?

Chun Song Yi: We should slowly set up a plan. How many do you want?

Do Min Joon: Seven.

Chun Song Yi: Seven? Isn’t that too many?

Do Min Joon: In the past, everyone did that. Seven, eight were normal. There were many families who had 12.

Chun Song Yi: Really? Then four daughters and three sons?

Do Min Joon: Seven daughters.

Chun Song Yi: Why do you want seven daughters?

Do Min Joon: I like daughters. Sons are too noisy.

Chun Song Yi: Okay, but that’s not up to me. What if a son comes out in the middle?

Do Min Joon: Then we’ll just have to raise him well.

We hope they really have seven children.

Chun Song Yi: You’ve never said you’ve liked me…. Or lo…oved me.

Do Min Joon: : Eat your ramen.

Chun Song Yi:You were sexy eating ramen.

Definitely sexy. And delicious.

Lee Hwi Kyung: I’m sorry, Father.

As messed up as the Lee Hwi Kyung’s father has been so far, there’s no sadder person. His second son killed his first. And his third son revealed that fact.

Chun Song Yi:Sing me a song.
You’ve never done it before.

Do Min Joon: What song?

Chun Song Yi: A song that will remind me of Do Min Joon.
A song that will remind you of Chun Song Yi.
A song that we’ll remember for a very long time.

Do Min Joon: After today, when the stars are extra bright,
I’m saddened by your words that you’re leaving.
Until this night passes
Ah~~ At the end of our happy times is our promise.
It keeps passing by and I want to cry.
It’s not your fault, but I feel like crying.
I’m dreaming a troublesome dream.

Lim Byung Soo - Promise

Chun Song Yi: Do Min Joon.

: Yes, Chun Song Yi?

Chun Song Yi: Do Min Joon, whom I love.

Do Min Joon: What?

Chun Song Yi: It’s time to wake up from this dream.
Please exist somewhere for me.
Don’t die for me.
Exist somewhere.
What I’m saying is…
To the place where you were.

B-but, but he just proposed. *bawls*

Heo Gyun: I cannot foresee the future, but before you leave this place, I think you will meet a woman that you will love so much.
For that woman, I believe that you’ll give up everyone you have.

Do Min Joon: On what grounds are you saying this?

Heo Gyun: Because love is a very mischievous emotion.
It’ll come more powerfully to a person who does not believe in it.

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