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[Star of the Week] CN Blue Members and Their ‘Pretty Boys Over Flowers’

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2014.02.16 18:00 Mwave Yeawon Jung

The four pretty boys of CN Blue are not only popular among the ladies, but also among the other boys, who have formed friendship with the members by working on the same projects, having mutual friend or just having crossed paths on random occasions.

[Star of the Week] CN Blue Members and Their ‘Pretty Boys Over Flowers’

Whatever the connection was, it makes us smile as we see some of their bromance bloom over time.

So let’s take a look at some of the boys that have special connections with our Star of the Week, CN Blue.

[Star of the Week] CN Blue Members and Their ‘Pretty Boys Over Flowers’

Jung Yong Hwa’s Seoul Teacher MBLAQ’s Lee Joon

Even though he speaks in perfect standard Korean now and shows off modern urban style, Jung Yong Hwa is originally from the city of Busan. And when he first came up to Seoul to start his training, it was MBLAQ’s Lee Joon who helped him get adjusted to life in Seoul.

The MBLAQ member revealed on Strong Heart once, that he was the one who brought Jung Yong Hwa to a gym in the mornings, and took him to cosmetic shops to try on different perfumes, helping out the Busan native adapt to life in Seoul.

He once claimed, “Jung Yong Hwa is more popular now, but back then I was the more popular one. But things changed when he made debuted as CN Blue.”

Even though Lee Joon may be a bit jealous of Jung Yong Hwa’s popularity, the two still keeps their friendship strong, as the CN Blue member tweeted, “Lee Joon hyung, I’m sorry I couldn’t attend the preview for An Actor is an Actor~ Congratulations for fulfilling your goal in acting~ Fighting!” showing his support.

[Star of the Week] CN Blue Members and Their ‘Pretty Boys Over Flowers’

Kim Woo Bin’s Lovecall (?) for Kang Min Hyuk

Kim Woo Bin has his eyes on Kang Min Hyuk, not for himself, but for his younger sister.

After appearing in the mega-hit drama The Heirs as classmates, Kang Min Hyuk must’ve done something right to take Kim Woo Bin’s heart, because the actor chose the CN Blue member as the one he would like his younger sister to date, and even get married to.

The reason? Because he’s the most gentle and well-mannered guy, just like his character ‘Yoon Chan Young’ in the drama.

[Star of the Week] CN Blue Members and Their ‘Pretty Boys Over Flowers’

The Two Jong Hyuns’ Friendship

We can’t leave out the two Jong Hyuns when the topic of bromance is in discussion. The two pretty boys have proven their friendship multiple times, when they were caught taking selcas together, gifting each other with b-day presents, or just being ‘intimate’ in some of the pictures posted on their SNS accounts.

The two apparently met through a mutual friend, and their friendship blossomed when SHINee Jonghyun’s sense of humor took CN Blue Jonghyun’s heart.

And since they were both born in 1990, they are part of a circle of close friends called ‘Battery,’ which we think, is probably just another excuse for them to hang out frequently.

[Star of the Week] CN Blue Members and Their ‘Pretty Boys Over Flowers’

Lee Jong Hyun and the ‘Kyu line’ Members

The CN Blue member’s popularity was proven when it was revealed that he was recruited into the ‘Kyu line,’ without him even realizing, by the leader of the group, Super Junior’s Kyuhyun.

Kyuhyun’s reason for pulling the CN Blue member into the group, was because they ‘look alike.’…

Whether you agree or not, Lee Jong Hyun became a part of the ‘Kyu line’ which also includes TVXQ’s Max Changmin and SHINee’s Minho.

And they frequently have sleepovers at Kyuhyun’s house, as was testified by the Super Junior member’s mother herself on KBS’s Mamma Mia.

Is anyone jealous now?

[Star of the Week] CN Blue Members and Their ‘Pretty Boys Over Flowers’

’Nation′s Chingu’ Lee Jung Shin and His FNC Brothers, FT Island

Ever since Jung Yong Hwa referred to Lee Jung Shin as ‘Jung Shin chingu’(chingu means friend) on We Got Married, the CN Blue member has earned the nickname of ‘Jong Shin chingu’ and ‘nation′s chingu.’

Being the cool guy that he is, he was chosen as ‘the most popular male in FNC′ by the FNC family members. And among other groups, he has close bonds with none other than FNC’s ‘other band group,’ FT Island.

Not only did Lee Jung Shin star in the movie The Five with Lee Hong Gi in 2013, he also tagged along the FT Island members when they attended a conference to prevent the use of illegal music.

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