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[Interview] C-Clown Brings ‘Justice’ To the Long Awaited Stage

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2014.02.15 16:00 Mwave An So Hyoun Translation Credit : Yeawon Jung

C-Clown went back and forth between heaven and hell in the last nine months, spending every second preparing to get back on the stage.

Despite the global fandom established in countries in Asia and South America, it′s been a tough period for C-Clown members, as they had to count down the days to release a new album, while going through tough training.

And finally the day has come, and the group is ready to start promoting its new song, Justice, released on February 13.

This time it’s Hip-hop.

[Interview] C-Clown Brings ‘Justice’ To the Long Awaited Stage

“We’ve presented acoustics or sentimental dance songs in the past. During the time off, we thought about what new concept we could present fans, and decided on the Hip-Hop feel,” said C-Clown. “We’re into our third year since the debut, but we haven’t been as active as many other groups. We prepared this album, with the mindset of debuting again.”

Justice is a song that deals with school violence and sends the message that school bullies will be judged with justice.

“We’ve sang love songs in the past, but this time we wanted to present a song that could possibly help out the fans who love us,” explained C-Clown. “Since it’s a song to cheer up the victims of school violence, we prepared a special event. If you send your story to the number that comes up in the middle of the song, we’re going to visit you and perform. We want to interact with fans in a variety of ways since we’re back after taking a long time off.”

C-Clown challenged itself to present a powerful performance for this song, emphasizing acrobatic movements.

“Our choreography also went through a change in style, since the music has faster and more powerful beats,” claimed C-Clown. “It’s tough, since there’s no break in between movements, but we think that we can pull off performing it three times in a row. The performance really wears us out during practice, but we think that it can appeal to the public because it has fun elements. You can count on our words.”

[Interview] C-Clown Brings ‘Justice’ To the Long Awaited Stage

Having invested a long time into training and practice, C-Clown is determined to get its name out to more people this time.

“Since it’s a single, we don’t have a follow-up song, but we want to meet as many fans as we can while we promote it,” said the group. “We want to appear not only on music programs but also on variety shows, so we can get our name out.”

Finally, C-Clown expressed its apology to the fans who had to wait for so long.

“Many fans were sad because we didn’t make our comeback. Some left for another group. But we’ll make sure to get you back, by making you like us again. Come back to us quickly, we have a lot to show you still.”

Photo credit: Hea Jung Min

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