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Top 10 Moments of You Who Came From the Stars: Episode 14

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2014.02.08 10:00 Mwave Grace Danbi Hong

Episode 14 of You Who Came From the Stars was a strange episode with lots of repeated scenes from beginning to end.

We’re a bit puzzled and still scratching our heads, but here’s what we got for our top 10 moments!

Lee Hwi Kyung: How many patients are in this hospital?

Nurse: Why do you want to know?

Lee Hwi Kyung: Because this hospital seems big.
But you knew right away that there’s no patient of that name without even searching it.
You must be really smart.

No, Hwi Kyung, you’re the smart one (finally).

Do Min Joon:When I had an endless amount of time, I’ve never once thought of one moment to be special.
If I can gain just one day’s worth of time together, it wouldn’t matter if I lost everything I owned.
But, even if I give up everything I have, I know well now that I won’t able to get that.

Chun Song Yi: That’s something. There are so many stars on a Seoul sky.
Do Min Joon.
Are you really from one of those stars?
Couldn’t you just tell me that you hated me?
Why did you tell me you were from the stars.
Now every time I see the night sky, I’ll have to think of you.

Do Min Joon: I also know this now.
When a person you love comes to existence, so does fear.
That the person I’m supposed to protect, I won’t be able to.
I am afraid now.

Yang Mi Yeon:I’m going to call him out and scold him.

Chun Song Yi: Mom, if you bother him, I’m just going to move in with him.

Yang Mi Yeon: What?

Chun Song Yi: I like him a lot.
So I confessed and got dumped.

Yang Mi Yeon: Are you crazy? Why would you do that when you have Hwi Kyung?

Chun Song Yi: I know.
I’m getting over it.

Yang Mi Yeon: Are you crying?
You’re crying over a man?

Chun Song Yi Yeah. I’m crying pathetically over a man.
So don’t bother him.
I wanted to cling onto him just now, but barely held myself back.

Yang Mi Yeon: You must be out of your mind.

Chun Song Yi: Yeah. I am out of my mind.

Lawyer Jang Then promise me this one thing.
That you’ll never do it.
I can’t see something like that happen because of some bastard that’s not even human.
I really can’t see it. Promise me! At least promise me that!

You’re stubbornly ignoring my advice on just walking away.
You’re not even listening to me tell you to stay comfortable before you go back.

Promise me at least this.

Do Min Joon: I promise.

Lawyer Jang: You promised.
If you break this promise, I’m never going to see you again.

Please don’t break your promise for the sake of Lawyer Jang.

Manager Bummie: Bye. Zai Jian. BANG.

Passive aggressive, but we applaud you.

Student A: Hey, Chun Song Yi got in an accident!

Student B: She totally deserved it.

Hong Bok Ja, Comic Book Guys: Are you guys even human?

Hong Bok Ja: You’re forbidden from our comic book store.

Hong Bok Ja, Comic Book Guys: Get out!

When Daddy Chun comes running to save his daughter’s life.

Detective Park: Who is this punk? Harry Potter?


Call him. See where he went. Ask him if he went to Hogwarts.

10 points for Gryffindor!

Lee Jae Kyung: If I die, Chun Song Yi at the hospital will also die.
Do you think I didn’t have a backup plan playing this game with you?
Even if you kill me, you can’t stop me.
If I die, you die. And then no one can protect her.
Are you okay with that?

Pray that Chun Song Yi is okay.
If anything happens to her, I’ll come back to kill you. You said you had a lot to lose.
I’ll show you how it feels to lose everything one by one.
I’ll show you exactly what destruction is.

Lee Hwi Kyung: How dare you -

Do Min Joon: I’ll show you who you dared to mess with.

Chun Song Yi: Dad, when I was young, I always called for you when I was scared.
But now, I call out a different name.

- Do Min Joon –

For the first time, I have someone I love more than you.
I have a person I want to do everything together from morning to night.
No matter how many times he pushes me away, I can’t seem to walk away.
No matter how hard I try to hate him, I don’t hate him.
I keep… having sad dreams where he loves me.

I keep having sad dreams.

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