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Top 10 Moments of You Who Came From the Stars: Episode 13

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2014.02.08 09:00 Mwave Grace Danbi Hong

That Lunar New Year weekend threw us off a bit as we stuffed our faces with rice cake soup, but we’re back now and that’s all it matters.

You Who Came From the Stars only aired on episode on January 29 because of the holiday weekend, but it still delivered the humor, the suspense, and the romance, so check out our top 10 moments for episode 13!

Chun Song Yi: Let me hold onto you for a second.
It’s because my legs are shaking.

When Do Min Joon tried to scare Chun Song Yi away, but instead, she grabbed him to overcome the shock.

Do Min Joon: What can I do from now on?
I have to leave soon. And she can’t go with me and I can’t stay.
The only thing I can do is to disappear well.
There’s nothing left for me to do here anymore.
I can’t eat with her. I can’t take walks with her.
I can’t congratulate her on a good day.
The only thing I can do is to make sure she can eat, take a walk, and have good days without me.

Is there really no solution to this??

Chun Song Yi: If I scream for help here and you come, I’ll believe you.

Please save me!
Save me!

DO MIN JOOOOOON. I’m here at Bukhan Mountain and I’m kind of in danger.
It’s true!
Please save me! Save me!

Tch! I knew it.
You’re an alien?

Awesome scene with an equally awesome parody of Jun Ji Hyun’s famous scene from My Sassy Girl.

Chun Song Yi: Can you walk on water?

Do Min Joon: Stop it…

Chun Song Yi: You were good at eating fish. And Kimchi.
Do alien eat those kinds of food too?
You don’t recharge by electricity or some kind of fluid?

Do Min Joon: Hey!

Chun Song Yi: Do you not shed your skin?
You know like there’s some kind of reptile inside and have blue blood.

Do Min Joon: I don’t shed. I don’t have a reptile inside of me. My blood is red.
And the people on my star are so much prettier than you people.
You people created nonsensical stereotypes of us with ridiculous movies like Alien or Planet of the Apes.
Do you know how frustrated I was watching those movies over and over again?

The alien is frustrated.

Chun Song Yi: But was that it?
Because some girl you liked looked like me - Was that it?

Do Min Joon: Yes, it all started because of a misunderstanding.
Because you looked so much like her, I was attracted, curious, and wanted to check .
So I stayed by your side, but all of the sudden, I realized you weren’t here.
If I even liked you a little bit, something should have remained after I realized you weren’t her, but nothing was left behind.

Chun Song Yi: Nothing was left behind?

Do Min Joon: Yes.

Chun Song Yi:You never liked me even once?
You never felt nervous because of me?
You never sincerely been worried for me?
Unrelated to that woman, you really never liked me even once?
You never drew out our future together even once?

Do Min Joon: Do you really need an answer?

Chun Song Yi: Yes, I need to hear it clearly.

Do Min Joon: I have never. Not even once..

LIES!! ALL LIES!!! *sobs in a corner*

Do Min Joon: But that’s more important for you?
Whether I’m an alien or lived 400 years… It’s more important to know if I liked you or not?

Chun Song Yi: Yeah. For me, that’s hundred, thousand times more important.
I don’t care if you’re an alien from a star, a vampire, a monster, or how your past was.
The most important thing is to know what the man i like - no, liked - thought of me.

If he liked me even once, or if he was just interested because of a woman he couldn’t forget.
That’s more important to me.
Isn’t it obvious? You’re the man i liked.
Whether it was you who saved me 12 years ago. Regardless of that fact…
I liked you as Do Min Joon, the man who lived next door.
I liked you.

Well, this is just heartbreaking.

Going through the five stages of a break up.

Fury - ”What? Nothing remained? Nothing remained? How can there be not even one moment when you liekd me? Bastard! How should I get my revenge?”

Denial - ”Aliens? Are you kidding me? Are you filming a movie? This is hidden camera, right?”

Compromising - ”Yeah, he wasn’t my type anyways.”

Depression. - ”I’m not crying. These are just tears coming out from my eyes.”

Acceptance. - ”Yeah, I’m going to get prettier - although I’m already pretty enough - I’m going to get so pretty that you’ll be regretting it!”

Do Min Joon: There’s a big difference between men and women.
Women focus on improving themselves to meet better men…
While men fall apart and suffer more than women at the sense of loss.

Do Min Joon: There’s a saying: I missed you so much that dust began to gather in my heart.
Forget dust. Not even a speck will pile up.
Is organizing your feelings like cleaning up a room? A desk?
This quickly…?
Am I getting mad?
No. It’s fortunate that she’s gotten over it this quickly, this cooly.
I’m not mad!

Jealous Do Min Joon is the best

Chun Song Yi: Go to the museum at Myung In University.
Pay attention to the photo at the 100th anniversary
Don’t you ever try to find out who I am.

Chun Song Yi: DO MIN JOOOOOON. I’m here at Bukhan Mountain and I’m kind of in danger.
It’s true!
Please save me! Save me!

Tch! I knew it.
You’re an alien?

Do Min Joon: Why’s she calling me whenever she wants to?
That scared me.


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