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[Interview] Son Ho Jun Is Not Hasty About Leaving His ‘Reply 1994’ Image Behind

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2014.02.01 10:00 Newsen Jung Jin Young Translation Credit : Yeawon Jung

Son Ho Jun opened up to share his thoughts about his role in the drama Reply 1994.

In the recently ended tvN drama Reply 1994, Son Ho Jung acted as ‘Haitai,’ leaving a firm impression on the viewers.

In a recent interview with Newsen, he revealed, “I am not hasty about leaving ‘Haitai behind.’”

Son Ho Jun said, “I don’t have the intention to change my image or to show a different side of me quickly. It’s up to the viewers to decide how they will see me. If I say ‘I’m not Haitai,’ when they see me as ‘Haitai,’ that makes no sense.”

[Interview] Son Ho Jun Is Not Hasty About Leaving His ‘Reply 1994’ Image Behind

Instead of trying to move away from ‘Haitai,’ Son Ho Jun decided to work hard with given roles.

“I don’t pressure myself to take a role that has bigger impact than ‘Haitai.’ But since I’m an actor, I do think I should work hard with whatever role that I’m given. If I continue doing that, I’m sure some people will like another character more than ‘Haitai,’” he said.

Then he added, “But I’m sure there will always be people who think ‘Ho Jun is Haitai’ and that’s fine. That’s their freedom. I will not worry about changing their views of me.”

[Interview] Son Ho Jun Is Not Hasty About Leaving His ‘Reply 1994’ Image Behind

The project that he’s currently working on is the musical Joseph and the Amazing Technicolor Dreamcoat.

About taking on the role of ‘Joseph’ in the musical, he commented, “It’s pretty tough. I realized that musicals aren′t something that I should’ve jumped into so quickly. I have a lot of respect for the people who do musicals. The short time I prepared for the musical was not enough and I’m worried that I will cause disadvantages for the others.”

[Interview] Son Ho Jun Is Not Hasty About Leaving His ‘Reply 1994’ Image Behind

“As of now, I’ve been trying to focus on not making mistakes on the dance or songs,” he continued. “I want to be able to pull off the basics and not make mistakes. I’ve really wanted to do musicals, but I think in the future I should better prepare myself before jumping into it.”

Meanwhile, Son Ho Jun will be performing for Joseph and the Amazing Technicolor Dreamcoat until February 9.

Photo credit: Newsen

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