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[Interview] Lee Jong Suk Talks About His Relationship with Park Bo Young, Kim Young Kwang and Kim Woo Bin

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2014.02.01 12:00 Newsen Jo Yeon Kyung Translation Credit : Yeawon Jung

Lee Jong Suk talked about his recent experience of working side by side with stars his age.

About co-starring with Park Bo Young, Kim Young Kwang and others in Hot Young Bloods, Lee Jong Suk said, “There weren’t that many scenes where we filmed together. I tried to get close to them, but it wasn’t easy. But I think we got closer during promotional activities rather than during filming.”

In the movie, Lee Jong Suk acted as a high school Casanova, Joong Gil, and Park Bo Young acted as the school gangster Young Sook. As Kim Young Kwang and Lee Se Young are also around the same age as him, one might expect the filming site to have been full of cheeriness and laughter.

But Lee Jong Suk said, that as an actor, the filming site was just a workplace, and that he actually learned more from others rather than building new friendships.

[Interview] Lee Jong Suk Talks About His Relationship with Park Bo Young, Kim Young Kwang and Kim Woo Bin

"Bo Young is really cute. And she’s also very smart. I thought she would act cute since she’s small, but when it came to work, she pulled off fighting and swearing scenes really well. She’s younger than me, but she really doesn’t act like it,” said the actor.

“Since I was born in 1989 and she was born in early 1990, we’re almost the same age. So I was hoping that we could be friends, instead of being oppa and dongseng, but I think I was too hasty about getting close to her. I played a joke of sticking my finger in her nose, which messed everything up,” said Lee Jong Suk with a sigh, causing a round of laughter.

About Kim Young Kwang, who was also a model, Lee Jong Suk said, “I wasn’t very close to Young Kwang when I was a model, we would just say hello to each other and pass by. But while filming, I realized that he’s a good person. He reached out to me first calling me by my name, so I felt like he was really like my brother.”

[Interview] Lee Jong Suk Talks About His Relationship with Park Bo Young, Kim Young Kwang and Kim Woo Bin

Even though he is unrelated to Lee Jong Suk’s new movie, questions related to Kim Woo Bin are always a favorite with Lee Jong Suk, and vise versa.

“Are you going to release my article with his name in the title again?” asked Lee Jong Suk jokingly, before adding, “He is a very good natured person. The more I get to know him, the more I think, dare I say, that he received proper upbringing from his parents.”

“He texted me just this morning, about how he’s filming a commercial with Lee Na Young, so I asked him if he got her autograph, but he replied, ‘Oh, right. You’re Lee Na Young’s fan. Did I have to get her autograph? So I swore at him,” said the actor.

[Interview] Lee Jong Suk Talks About His Relationship with Park Bo Young, Kim Young Kwang and Kim Woo Bin

Expressing his humbleness, the actor also stated that he likes acting with older and more experienced senior actors over those who are his age, because he has much to learn from them.

He said, “When I was filming Face Reader, just being at the filming site allowed me to learn so much. I would try to say my lines so people think they sounded natural, but the senior actors literally ‘played’ with their lines. It was a shocking experience for me, and I still cannot forget.”

Meanwhile, Hot Young Bloods, depicting the love story of high school students in the country side, premiered on January 22.

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