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[Twitter Roundup] Super Junior’s Ryeowook and Eunhyuk Go on a Man Date, SHINee’s Key Says Surprise and More

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2014.01.27 20:00 Mwave Nancy Lee

The SNS world doesn′t stop for the stars, even on the weekend, and we have the latest on what the stars were up to in today′s Twitter Roundup.

Super Junior’s Donghae excited Eunhae fans with an Instagram update, posting the above photo with the message, “D&E Donghae Eunhyuk Japan concert coming soon!!”

Kangin appeared to be getting a head start on the upcoming holidays, tweeting a photo with the message, “Thank you. I will have a happy holiday~~~.”

Ryeowook tweeted a photo from his man date with Eunhyuk on January 27, writing “Sunday date with Eunhyuk hyung^^ Ju Hyun nuna, Ji Joon hyung, the idols of musicals, ‘Fame,’ ‘High School Musical’ music director Yang Ju In nuna ㅋㅋ I realized a lot today. I need to work hard too!! I respect you.”

Eunhyuk also tweeted a photo from the day, writing “Musical Wicked!!! Ju Hyun nuna’s song gave me goose bumps kya.”

SNSD’s Taeyeon shared a photo of an adorable set of customized mugs, playing off of her name, writing “Taengkyu very much. So cute.”

She also shared a photo of the members from the Seoul Music Awards, with the hashtag “#girlsgeneration.”

B.A.P’s Himchan dedicated a sweet treat to fans, posting the above photo with the hashtag “#TOALLMYBABY.”

Following rumors that SHINee’s Key may be forming a unit group with Infinite’s Woo Hyun, Key teased members with a photo scrawled with the word “Surprise?” The caption, however, makes no reference to the rumor, stating “Do I already miss my black hair? Ah, and Key Clam made me laugh so much.”

2PM’s Jun.K shared the above photo with Wooyoung from the group’s arena tour, writing “nagoya no minasan ashita aimasho dera daisuki www WITH @0430YES #2PMARENATOUR #JUN_K #JWY #NAGOYA.”

Jay Park couldn’t hide his affection for this dog pictured above, writing “What a cute ass dog haha #aomg #followthemovement.”

Big Bang’s Taeyang shared a photo of a feast while on tour, writing “I will eat it well! #dometour #final #concert #okdome.”

F(x)’s Amber posted a signature silly photo, writing “Mustache!! #llamalife.”

JYJ’s Kim Junsu celebrated a special occasion on January 26, tweeting the above photo and writing “Today is my four-year anniversary as a musical actor. I was so nervous taking my first steps on the Sejong stage I stood on today four years ago, and singing on that stage today was even more special to me~ I will work harder.”

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