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[Star of the Week] Why the B.A.P Members are the Real Angels

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2014.01.26 16:00 Mwave Grace Danbi Hong

Although they’ve been titled the ‘Bad Men’ of K-Pop, the B.A.P members should actually be called the 1004 (Angel)s, just like their upcoming new title song.

Behind their fierce concepts and powerful songs, the B.A.P members have actually focused and shown concern about the well-beings of humankind, especially for those less fortunate than they, and even nature.

Check out what makes all six members the kind of angels we need more of.


If you listen closely to the lyrics of B.A.P’s Badman, you’ll find out that the song strongly addresses current social issues.

B.A.P previously said in an interview that the song was created to make listeners be aware of some of the social injustices and crimes that are happening in our world today.

Bang Yong Guk stated, “Society was shaken with crimes that made big issues, but at one point those crimes were forgotten. They′re really serious incidents that society needs to learn from, but they′re all forgotten so easily. I wanted to draw attention to what′s happening and convey a message to criminals out there."

Humbly knowing they’re not great people, but do have the power to influence others, Himchan added, “We hope our influence moves everyone in a positive direction and has everyone act under the right values."

Hoping to influence fans into a positive direction? Thumbs up for B.A.P.

Donation Made in Fanclub’s Name

We hear about a lot of donations being made in the name of idol groups, but it caught us off guard when we heard that it was B.A.P that donated in the name of BABY, its official fanclub.

Celebrating its first anniversary, B.A.P donated a water pump to a village in Africa via UNICEF.

In the card, B.A.P thanked the fans for supporting and loving the group for the past year and hope that the members and fans can continue moving each other’s hearts, as well as the ones belonging to those in need.

“With the dream that our small actions could make big changes, let′s love each other more and continue to be with each other.”

Bringing Awareness to Global Warming

Back in 2012, B.A.P joined a group of 60 something artists to bring awareness to the urgent need to protect nature.

B.A.P participated in recording the charity single, Beautiful World to encourage people to take action in making a change and show more concern for the environment.

You can watch the music video here!

A Good Leader to Follow

In order for the pack to act, a group needs a strong leader, and Bang Yong Guk proved that he is one heck of a leader to help his team.

Bang Yong Guk admitted that he is very interested in social and current issues, naturally sharing these topics with his B.A.P members.

He has made countless of donations in his name and sponsors children around the world.

His passion seems to lie in helping children who are in need as he’s registered as a member of several NGOs, specifically, World Vision and Save the Children.

When it was Children’s Day, Bang Yong Guk took the time to ask for permission to donate the dolls that were given to the group by the fans to a children’s home.

The other B.A.P members mentioned that seeing Bang Yong Guk in action has inspired them to act as well, allowing the group to help other out together.

It’s nearly impossible to keep track of every good thing Bang Yong Guk does, but seeing that so many NGOs even follow him on Twitter and he keeps track of every one of them, we’re pretty certain that Bang Yong Guk’s altruism will continue for a long, long time.

A Good Influence to the Fans

With a group who is so interested in the welfare of others, of course the BABYs had to follow pursuit of their favorite group.

B.A.P is known for setting up donation booths at their concerts, but aside from those, its fans went a step further to donate on their own in the group’s name.

Most recently at BABY’s second fanmeeting, BABYs donated rice, eggs, briquettes, and other items to help people in need from infant to the elderly.

Even a small donation can make a huge impact, so imagine what 970 kilograms of rice can do.

Good job BABYs!

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