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‘King of Magic’ to Follow ‘Comedy Big League 2’

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2012.04.18 17:53 Mwave Lee, DongHyun Translation Credit : Erika Kim

Magic will be filling the empty spot laughter left behind.

TvN’s Comedy Big League 2 aired its finale full of highlights from the season on April 14, and is now to be followed by a show titled King of Magic. Magicians from all across Korea will be coming in for the show to make the viewers who laughed along with Comedy Big League 2 exclaim in astonishment.

‘King of Magic’ to Follow ‘Comedy Big League 2’

King of Magic will be a tournament of magicians, in which they compete with magic until a final winner emerges. Eight magicians and magician teams were chosen through a strict preliminary to join in the tournament.

Comedy Big League was a tournament of comedians and gauged how much they could make their viewers laugh, but King of Magic will be a competition in which the magicians compete with their magic, like a ‘Magic Big League’.

The eight teams that made it into the finals after the competitive preliminaries are so skilled, the tournament could become a competition for Korea’s best magician. One magician once won a world championship, while another was, interestingly, a missionary before becoming a magician.

A team of brother magicians that boast they will make animal magic, which fell out after an incident occurred with a German magician in 2003, popular again draws attention. The brothers plan to showcase on the small screen a performance that makes their viewers feel like they’re there at the scene.

King of Magic will provide many sights to see with a scale that surpasses any other original house magic shows, using a fancy studio, lions and anacondas. A panel of magic judges with 100 people will immediately determine whether the teams will be able to make it into the next round. Thus, the show will be different from the original magic shows with a tense judging system.

Producer Yoon Sang Jin of King of Magic said, “King of Magic is, like Comedy Big League, which joined a league system with comedy and drew out a new type of fun, a program that brings together magic and tournaments. It’s a meaningful attempt to make Korean magic a competitive genre of broadcasting content, as the number of magicians in Korea now goes over 2 million.”

“Because the magicians prepared various types of magic that they’ve always dreamed of performing, the producers were busy trying to prepare and check on the safety [of the tricks],” the producer added. “Thanks to the hard work, [the magicians] were able to perform difficult magic effortlessly.”

‘King of Magic’ to Follow ‘Comedy Big League 2’

The show will be hosted by Shin Young Il, who showed off his stable hosting skills and humor in Comedy Big League 2, and Yoon Soy, who will be taking on a variety MC role for the first time. Big stars have been cast for the panel including Kang Susie, Kim San Ho, Norazo, Sung Dae Hyun, NS Yoonji, Lee Pani, Lee Soo Jung and Tony&Smash. Female panel members such as NS Yoonji and Lee Pani will especially join the performances onstage as special guests to heighten the excitement.

King of Magic will start airing from April 21, and will continue for three weeks. The eight finalists will be introduced on April 21 and 28, while the semi-finals and the finals will be aired on May 5.

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