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Top 10 Moments of You Who Came From the Stars: Episode 10

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2014.01.18 11:00 Mwave Grace Danbi Hong

Isn’t it crazy how SBS’ You Who Came From the Stars just continues to somehow become better and better with each episode?

We can’t even begin to explain the roller coaster ride of emotions we went through with Episode 10 with the drama being pure comedy in one second and absolute horror in another.

We tried to get as many good moments in as we could, so take a look!

Boss Hong:Excuse me. Do you remember me?

Do Min Joon: You are….?

Boss Hong: I told you last time that you leave a good impression.
Oh yes! And I have this-

Do Min Joon: I’m not buying.

Poor Boss Hong.

Chun Song Yi: “What are you doing?”

What isn’t he responding? Is he sleeping?

“Are you sleeping?”

OH! He read it, he read it!

…Why isn’t he replying if he read it?

This is one of the most ANNOYING THINGS EVER.

The legal advisor comes to the rescue again.

And jealousy strikes.

We love how Chun Song Yi forces Chun Yoon Jae into becoming the kimchi cupid.

Chun Song Yi: I’m Chun Song Yi. Why would I ever? Especially Do Min Joon.

But I do like his height… he’s very well-proportioned.
His face is good too, and his eyes…
When I saw last time, it seems like he kept his body in check –

But still. Why am I lacking that I would?

He graduated from Harvard. Is a professor…and considering that was his first kiss-

Oh my oh my oh my oh my.
Am I think about the kiss with him??
Am I missing him?
No! No! No!

And the love bug has taken a chunk outta Chun Song Yi.

Chun Song Yi: I was going to seduce you for 15 seconds…
But I think I fell?

Do Min Joon: What?

Chun Song Yi: What do you think of me – NO NO NO!
Don’t answer me! If you answer, I’ll kill you!

I’m really embarrassed, so I’m going to talk turned around, so you just listen.

I’m not always like this. I admit that I have to be thankful for because of you.
But I’m not the type that doesn’t know the difference from gratefulness and these feelings.
Considering that, I should be more grateful to Hwi Kyung.
But why do I have to keep thinking about you?
I’m the one who’s usually thought about.
My airport fashion. The lipstick that I wear. My shining hair.
People always thought about me.
But why am I thinking about what you said, you, your kiss..
I must be crazy.

What do you think of me as a woman?

Do Min Joon, did you leave? You can answer this. Did you go?


Because Do Min Joon won’t let her use his number to sell her bags.

Do Min Jun: What did I tell you?
I told you, you can never kill me.

Holy crap. How are we supposed to wait another week????

Chun Song Yi: Doctor. Please answer me. Can morbid dependency lead to love?

Doctor: Well, I can’t say it doesn’t, but you can get confused about whether it’s your mentality or love for the person you want to depend on.

Chun Song Yi:I depend on chicken and beer.
When I’m depressed, I always look for chicken and beer.
But when I look at a chicken drum stick, my heart doesn’t flutter.
But…this makes me nervous. Pit-A-Pat.
Why is this happening doctor?

Doctor: …

Chun Song Yi: Here’s another example.
I get nervous when looking at new season’s bags. My heart flutters too.
But even if I don’t get to see them, my lips don’t get dried up.
When I see other girls holding them, I don’t get the urge to murder them all!!
That doesn’t happen.

But this makes me like that. My heart thumps hard and my lips get dried up.
If I don’t see him in front of me, I get all nervous and worried.
Any girls who tried to hit on him, I’ll KILL-

I’m sorry…I’m sorry…I’m sorry, Doctor.

That wench who tries to wipe off the coffee on his hand, I just want to crush her hand!!!
This kind of feeling…
What is this, Doctor?

This scene was just pure gold

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