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Top 10 Moments of You Who Came From the Stars: Episode 9

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2014.01.18 10:00 Mwave Grace Danbi Hong

We’re reminded that Do Min Joon is an alien once again in Episode 9 of SBS’ You Who Came From the Stars.

Not only did this reminder bring some hilarious moments, it also brought on a strong warning for our sociopath murderer, sending chills down our back.
But scary moments aside, here’s what we chose as our top moments of Episode 9!

When the kiss has lasting effects on their heart.

Chun Song YI: Consider yourself lucky.
My original dream was to be Helen Keller.
You know, the angel in white.

Do Min Joon: You mean Nightingale.

Chun Song Yi: Was that…your first time? First time?

Do Min Joon:…No way.

Chun Song Yi: How old are you and what have you done all this time?
I was the one who was taken advantage of,
But because things happened this way, now I feel bad.

When this caterpillar came into our lives.

Chun Song Yi: What’s your ideal type?

Do Min Joon: I don’t have anything like that.

Chun Song Yi: I do.
A person who can stay by myself for a long, long time.
Not someone who will disappear suddenly like my dad,
But someone who will stay a long, long time for the rest of my life.

Take the hint, Do Min Joon. Take the HINT.

Lee Jae Kyung: You have it huh? The USB.
It’ll be good for you and Chun Song Yi if you gave that over.
There’s something you don’t know, but…
I’m not a person like a kid like you can handle.
The reason why you’re a live right now is because I let you live.
Same with Chun Song Yi. So, be thankful.

Do Min Joon: The moment you touch Chun Song Yi, that’s the moment your true identity will be revealed to the world.
I’ll make it happen.
And there’s something you don’t know, but…

Oh snap.

Stylist Minah: This is like asking who do you like more - Mom or Dad?

Manager Bum: When I was little, I used to say Dad when he was in front of me,
And Mom if she was in front of me, but my heart was always with my grandma."

Stylist Minah: Why?

Manager Bum: Because she′s the one who raised me.
Today, my heart was with Song Yi nuna, but I lied that it was Se Mi nuna.

Stylist Minah: Me too...

These two are so loyal even after all that abuse from Chun Song Yi.

Lee Hwi Kyung: You must have hurt so much when I did that every time.
I′m sorry.
But... I think I′ll continue to be sorry.
I know more than anyone that it′s hard to like someone who doesn′t like you.
I know more than anyone that your heart is hurting.
When I think about that, I get really upset.
But what can I do for you when another woman is in my heart?The only thing I can do for you is rejection.
So I′m sorry.
Tell me when your feelings are all organized.
I don′t want to lose Yoon Se Mi as a friend.

This is probably the most mature we′ve seen Lee Hwi Kyung

Lee Hwi Kyung: Are you maybe... that person who saved Song Yi 12 years ago?

And the secret starts to unfoldddddd

Do Min Joon: The number of times I′ve saved someone with my abilities is few.
To reveal my powers meant that I was revealing my identity.
But there weren′t a lot of people, who knew who I was but didn′t take advantage of me and just accepted me as I was.

When we find out how Do Min Joon and lawyer Jang Young Mok came to be

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