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Netizens Unveil True Height of Big Bang?

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2012.04.17 15:01 Mwave Stewart Ho

While female stars come under scrutiny over their ‘true’ physical appearances, for male stars it’s often the question of their ‘real’ height.

Recently a netizen posted a series of pictures under the title, ‘Big Bang’s height concluded completely.”

The series of screen captures from various television programs over the past couple years analyzed the height of each Big Bang member to produce, what it claimed, was the accurate height estimates of the Big Bang group.

In one set of pictures, the profile of Big Bang’s leader, G-Dragon, is shown stating his height is 177 centimeters. However the pictures seem to indicate that even while wearing high tops and elevated shoe insoles, he seems to stand at a similar height-level with actress Ha Yeon Ju, whose profile states she stands at 171 centimeters tall.

Netizens Unveil True Height of Big Bang?

The same goes for Seungri whose official height states 177 centimeters but seems to only stand a few centimeters taller than the 163 centimeter Gu Hye Sun.

Netizens Unveil True Height of Big Bang?

In another set of images, a past screen capture of a height measurement done on Yoo Jae Suk in a past television show shows he comes in at just above 175 centimeters and measured by a shoeless Yoo. However on another program, the 181 centimeter listed T.O.P seems to stand shorter next to Yoo Jae Suk who wore only a pair of converse with no elevated insoles. G-Dragon’s 177 centimeter height also seemed to come off short next to Yoo in the same picture.

Netizens Unveil True Height of Big Bang?

Lastly, Taeyang’s height is listed as 173 centimeters but when walking with 2NE1’s 161 centimeter tall Minzy, the two seemed to be of similar height.

Netizens Unveil True Height of Big Bang?

The final picture shows the group members standing without shoes, shoulder-to-shoulder. The netizen then makes his final conclusion, listing the ‘true’ height of the Big Bang members as Daesung being 169~ 170 centimeters, T.O.P as 170~172 centimeters, G-Dragon and Seungri at 166~167 centimeters and Taeyang to be 161~163 centimeters.

Netizens Unveil True Height of Big Bang?

Netizens commented on the photos saying, “They should just reveal their true heights”, “Even with shorter height, they’re still great” and “Isn’t their profiles too much of a stretch?”

Taller or shorter we’re still Big Bang fans. What do you guys think of the assessment?

Photo credit: Online community

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