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Top 10 Moments of You Who Came From the Stars: Episode 8

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2014.01.11 11:00 Mwave Grace Danbi Hong

Okay, like really. SBS’ You Who Came From the Stars just knows exactly how to grab us and never let go. Episode 8 was a pure example of that, especially with the 15 seconds fairy.

Too many good moments in episode 8 that had our hearts pounding extra harder, but we managed to break it down to just ten!

Chun Song Yi: I’ve filmed a lot of movies so I know what this means.
The meaning of when a girl like me uses not having clothes as an excuse to wear baggy men’s clothing and walk around his house.

Do Min Joon: What does it mean?

Chun Song Yi: As a man, it must make your heart flutter, but don’t misunderstand. I’m just really scared of going home to get clothes that I’m borrowing yours. Nothing else.

Do Min Joon: I don’t care if you have another objective.

Chun Song Yi: Yes, that is what you would say.
I hope you don’t blame yourself too hard because your lips and hearts are saying the opposite things.
It’s like that with all people’s hearts. When you see a beautiful thing, you like it and your heart flutters…

Do Min Joon:What do you think about this pot?
It’s beautiful, right?

Chun Song Yi: Hrm? What?

Do Min Joon: No matter how beautiful this pot is, my heart doesn’t flutter when I look at it. Similarly, because a puppy is cute, it doesn’t mean my heart flutters for a puppy. Just because a tree is deep, I don’t feel my heart flutter for it either.

Chun Song Yi: What are you talking about?

Do Min Joon: I’m saying that the Chun Song Yi standing before me is no different than a pot, a puppy, and a tree.
So, don’t feel sorry or worry that I’ll be nervous because of you.
If you have time to worry, why don’t you just go to sleep.

OUCH. But Chun Song Yi was asking for it. Haha

Chun Song Yi: Edward heard a loud boom and rolled and rolled down a dirty hill.
When he finally stopped, he stared up at the sky with his back on the ground.
He began to say all the names of stars.
Then he stopped.
Edward thought,

Do Min Joon: I wonder how many more times I must depart with no time to say farewell.
Edward was hurting somewhere deep in his heart. Edward wanted to cry.

Chun Song Yi: Open your heart. Someone will come.
Someone will come just for you. But first, you must open the door of your heart.

Do Min Joon: No. No. Don’t believe it. You mustn’t believe it.


But it was too late.
The ceramic doll’s heart… already started opening.

We love fairy tales.

Chun Song Yi: “What would I do with a women’s heels?” said our Professor Do Min Joon.

Do Min Joon: I did?

Chun Song Yi: Yeah. You.

Do Min Joon: …. Gaebul…. I bought it.

Chun Song Yi: They said the gentle cats always climb the….what was it?

Do Min Joon: the stove?

Chun Song Yi: Yea, yeah. The stove. That’s why there’s even a proverb for that.
If you were attracted to women’s heels, you should have said you’re attracted.
You could have just been honest. I’m a woman with many heels. I could have just given you a couple of pairs.

Do Min Joon: It’s not like that-.

Chun Song Yi: No~~ It’s okay! Everyone has their personal preferences – no one will curse you.
Don’t be embarrassed if there’s a color or design you like, just let me know.
I’ll give it to you as a present.

We also love frustrated Do Min Joon.

*The gentle cat climbs the stove is a proverb that means the quiet ones are the most dangerous.

Do Min Joon: Stay still. Don’t do anything. I’ll kick you out of the house.

When Chun Song Yi starts wrecking his hundred years old artifacts and Do Min Joon gives us a back hug to stop her.

Lee Hwi Kyung: Why don’t you just close your eyes and confess to him?

Yoo Se Mi: How do I do that?

Lee Hwi Kyung: There’s nothing to it.
If it’s hard to do it person, just call him up.
“Hey you punk. I like you!”
Then hang up.
If a girl like you confesses, there’s no man who won’t fall over.

Lee Hwi Kyung: Why are you calling me? I told you to call him.
The person you like.

Aaaaaaand Lee Hwi Kyung finally get it.

Do Min Joon: Let’s play one more game. Even though I go home, there’s no one waiting.

Jang Young Mok: You’ve never had anyone waiting.

Do Min Joon: You’re right. I’ve never had.

Jang Young Mok: You said Chun Song Yi was at your house. Did she go back to hers?

Do Min Joon: No. She said she had dinner plans or something.
It’s snowing and it’s cold. And she just went through a traumatic event,
But if she wants to roam around like that, there’s nothing I can say. It’s no matter.

Jang Young Mok: She must have gone to meet that man who likes her.

Do Min Joon: How..did you know?

Jang Young Mok: Because it seems like you’re jealous.

Do Min Joon: What? You’re wrong.

Jang Young Mok: You only have two more months yet.
I’ve known you for ten years, but it’s not like I can take care of your heart too.

Aw, our little alien is green with envy.

Do Min Joon: I don’t drink.

And for good reason. He doesn’t want to drink and ride…again.

Chun Song Yi: How can you only see me as a pot, a puppy, and a tree?
This has never happened in Chun Song Yi’s life!
How can this happen when you’re human?
This isn’t a simple matter. I havce to make a comeback, but how can I stand in front of the public with this kind of confidence and rise back to the top?
No can do.

Give me 15 seconds.

Do Min Joon: What 15 seconds?

Chun Song YI: My nickname is 15 second fairy because I can captivate an audience with a 15 second commercial.
So give me just 15 seconds.
If I’m still a pot, a puppy, and a tree to you after 15 seconds, I’ll acknowledge it, that I have no charms.

Hold your breath!!!

And this proves that Chun Song Yi is the 15 second fairy.

Do Min Joon: I can’t seem to organize my heart.
I keep looking back.
And I keep regretting.

Jang Young Mok: What?

Do Min Joon:That I’ve never lived a normal life like everyone else.
To eat a simple meal with other people.
To return home to someone waiting.
To express honest feelings of love to someone.
Things like that.
Those trivial things I scoffed at that humans, who don’t even live a hundred years, do.
Those small, warm, and beautiful things of everyday life – I want to do them now.
What should I do?

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