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[Star of the Week] The Idols Who Idolize TVXQ

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2014.01.12 16:00 Mwave Nancy Lee

Celebrating 10 years in K-Pop, TVXQ knows a thing or two about being an idol.

TVXQ’s influence is felt not only by K-Pop fans, but the idols who came after them, and many have shared how the idol group has inspired them, even citing the group as their role models.

[Star of the Week] The Idols Who Idolize TVXQ

The Boss

The most actively outspoken about its affection for TVXQ is idol group The Boss.

The Boss cited TVXQ as its role model at its debut showcase, held back in 2010, stating “We learned a lot from watching TVXQ sunbaenim’s performances” and even resolved to become the next TVXQ.

They were so influenced by TVXQ, The Boss even took some flak from anti-fans who accused them of imitating their idols during their debut days. The Boss addressed the hate, stating “TVXQ is the best group, and they’re sunbaenims we like and respect. We didn’t copy them on purpose, but as much as TVXQ is our role model, we must have looked similar to them.”

[Star of the Week] The Idols Who Idolize TVXQ

B.A.P’s Zelo

As B.A.P′s maknae rapper, you may be surprised by who inspired Zelo to join the K-Pop world.

Zelo once said in an interview, “I started going to a dance academy in fifth grade. Watching TVXQ and Super Junior made me want to become a singer.”

B.A.P’s Dae Hyun has also referred to TVXQ as his role model in a past interview.

[Star of the Week] The Idols Who Idolize TVXQ

EXO’s Chanyeol

EXO is the hottest thing to come out of SM as of late, but the group has the utmost respect for their label mates and seniors.

Chan Yeol, in particular, cited TVXQ as the group that turned him onto K-Pop in the first, saying “When I was younger, I didn’t know anything about singers or idols, but the first boy group I came across was TVXQ. And not only was TVXQ’s U-Know Yunho the leader, he had the most charisma, which I liked.”

[Star of the Week] The Idols Who Idolize TVXQ

Infinite’s L

Infinite’s L revealed he is a TVXQ fanboy and has often spoken about the group in interviews.

Not only did L want to become a singer because of TVXQ, he once shared in an interview with CeCi magazine that the group was his role model because of the its ability to take command of the stage.

[Star of the Week] The Idols Who Idolize TVXQ

Girl’s Day’s Minah

One of the more well-known TVXQ fangirls is Girl’s Day’s Minah, who has been vocal about her crush on U-Know Yunho.

Minah once confessed on KBS’ Strong Heart, “In fourth grade, I fell head over heels for U-Know Yunho when TVXQ debuted with ‘Hug.’”

U-Know Yunho was also present as a guest on the days’s show, and Minah let her feelings be known to her crush, saying “If only for today, I don’t want to call you sunbaenim but oppa.”

[Star of the Week] The Idols Who Idolize TVXQ


Role models are one thing, but girl group T-ara took inspiration from TVXQ in a much more tangible way.

The girl group revealed that the choreography for 2011 single Cry Cry was inspired by TVXQ, sharing “In order to show a strong choreography, we practiced powerful choreographies by men. To show a more androgynous charm, we kept TVXQ in mind as role models and practiced hard. “

TVXQ has come incredibly far over 10 years, earning their junior idols′ respect along the way, and we can′t wait to see what the boys will bring 10 years from now.

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