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Top 10 Moments of You Who Came From the Stars: Episode 7

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2014.01.11 10:00 Mwave Grace Danbi Hong

He loves her – he so does, and we can’t get enough of the alien from SBS’ You Who Came From the Stars.

Episode 7 had our hearts pounding in anticipation and our bones chilled in fear, so check out what ten moments we chose for this week!

Chun Song Yi: What the heck!

Yang Mi Yeon: What about you! If you were home, why didn’t you open the door?

Chun Song Yi: I’m Chun Song Yi! I can’t open the door to every door bell. Should security be that weak?

Yang Mi Yeon: For someone who thinks so much about security, how can your passcode be 1111? Anyone can get in.

Chun Song Yi: Daebak. How’d you know?

That look of genuine surprise on her face. Haha

Chun Song Yi: Staring tomorrow, stay right by my side, okay?

Do Min Joon: Right be your side?
…I’ll think about it.

Once upon a time, there was a very beautiful princess.
She was a princess that shined brightly like the stars on a dark, moonless night.
For whatever reason, Edward received comfort from those words.
So he said those words by himself.
Like the stars on a dark, moonless night.
As he kept repeating those words, the day dawned before he knew it.

Chun Song Yi: What do you think we should have for tonight’s dinner menu, Do Manager?

This is a very important meeting.

Do Min Joon: I told you – I don’t like eating with other people.

Chun Song Yi: and I don’t like eating alone.

Chun Song Yi:Oh right, it’s time for the drama. Let’s eat in the living room.

Do Min Joon: Food should be eaten on the dining table. I hate things like that.

That puppy face is working so well now

Do Min Joon: Why are you walking so fast?

Jang Young Mok: Am I?

Do Min Joon: Are you mad at me?

Jang Young Mok: Why would I be?

Do Min Joon: You kept telling me to buy a cellphone so I bought it,
and I’m even telling you my number.

Jang Young Mok: I’ve been telling you to buy a cellphone for ten years.
You didn’t listen to me. Why would you need a cellphone now when you have only two months left?

Do Min Joon: I..I thought I might need it.

Jang Young Mok: Let me see your phone for a second.

Do Min Joon: But look! You’re number two!

Dying. They are so cute together.

Chun Song Yi: You ordered two. Did you not eat lunch yet?

Do Min Joon: No.

Chun Song Yi: Good. Let’s eat together.

Do Min Joon: I can eat it separately…. But if you say so.

Aw, our little alien is lying now.

Chun Song Yi: Did you ever think of me as your friend?

Yoo Se Mi: Ah sorry about that. I never have.

Chun Song Yi: There were a lot of times I felt terrible since hitting rock bottom,
but there’s a silver lining to this.
It separates who’s really on my side and who’s pretending to be on my side.
Hardships in life must be a chance given from God to filter out the real and fake people.

When Do Min Joon saves Chun Song Yi on that same cliff he lost Yi Hwa.

Chun Song Yi being herself at home. Seriously, so awesome.
…minus the creepy sociopath watching her every move.

Photo Credit: SBS

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