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[Star of the Week] TVXQ and Their Pretty Lady Friends

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2014.01.12 12:00 Mwave Grace Danbi Hong

There’s a saying that the people of the opposite sex cannot be friends with each other.

Well, TVXQ just about proved that theory wrong because Yunho and Changmin have plenty of lady friends.

While they’ve been caught in several dating rumors in the past ten years, it seems that each time, Yunho and Changmin are just really good friends with these women - no strings attached.

Maybe someone on either side had a little crush or two, but we’ll just believe what they tell us for now.


Despite being her oppa by several months, Yunho and BoA kept a casual relationship with each other, becoming the best of friends. They’re so close that they support each other in each other’s comebacks and appear as surprise guests on talk shows to threaten to spill some juicy secret about the other.

BoA even called Yunho her alcohol buddy, so he must know some secrets that we will probably never find out.

But before all that, they actually kept their distance with Yunho being squashed by BoA’s presence. They somehow became close friends, although they’re not entirely sure how that happened either.

Changmin also has history with BoA.

He revealed in the past that he was scouted by a SM manager. His mother, who was with him at the time, asked if she could see BoA if Changmin went to audition.

Long story short, Changmin became a singer and became friends with BoA - and we′re assuming Changmin′s mama has seen BoA many times since.

Go Ara

Always appearing so close, Yunho and Go Ara had to explain that they are not dating. Even before coming into SM Entertainment, Yunho and Go Ara knew each other from their hometown Gwangjoo.

They’ve actually known each other since Go Ara was in sixth grade and became close as they grew up and trained in SM Entertainment. They even later acted in a drama together, making their friendship count.

Yunho said that he does find Go Ara pretty, but that he′s never felt any feelings for her.


A huge ruckus happened when f(x)’s Victoria posted up a picture of a home cooked meal, but instead of the deliciousness captured in the picture, all fans could see was Changmin’s face in the reflection of a spoon.

Regardless of whether or not they were dating (SM already stated they weren’t), it still proves that the two are close enough to exchange a hearty meal together, talk about life, and relieve the stresses of stardom by eating.

We wish we had a guy friend like Changmin to do all of the above with.

Park Soo Jin

Another lucky lady to find herself in dating rumors with the TVXQ stud was Park Soo Jin.

The rumors started when the two friends went on a musical date to cheer on their mutual friend. While the fans knew Yunho and Park Soo Jin have been friends for more than 10 years and thought nothing of the photos, the people who didn’t know wondered if the two were dating.

To be friends with Yunho for ten years… we can only dream.

Lee Yeon Hee

Just like Yunho and Go Ara, Changmin and Lee Yeon Hee starred in Paradise Ranch together, playing this lovey dovey married couple who splits and then falls in love again all over again.

While the drama didn’t do so hot, the two were absolutely adorable in the drama, making viewers like us wish they were actually dating…or even married.

Off the screen, Lee Yeon Hee and Changmin are still very close, being in the same entertainment company and all.

Photo credit: SM Entertainment, Victoria’s Weibo, Park Soo Jin’s Twitter, SBS, MBC, BoA’s Twitter

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