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[Star of the Week] Rain, the Bad Boy vs. Rain, the Romantic

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2014.01.05 12:00 Mwave Nancy Lee

Just as Rain’s recent double release of 30 Sexy and LA Song reveal, the star is a man of many charms.

But today, we’re looking back on two sides of the star: Rain, the Bad Boy and Rain, the Romantic through song.

[Star of the Week] Rain, the Bad Boy vs. Rain, the Romantic

So read on and let us know which side of Rain is your favorite!

Bad Boy

Even as a rookie, Rain wasn’t about playing nice. The singer had no reservations saying he was a bad boy when it comes to love in the music video for 2002 debut single Bad Boy.

In the video, Rain is so bad, he winds up in prison...but eventually escapes. Definitely a certified bad ass.

I’m Coming

But Rain proved he isn’t all bad, announcing his return with 2006 single I’m Coming.

And by coming, he meant coming to save the world. From bad boy to bad ass, Rain gets into combat mode – to protect the good people, of course – in the music video below.


I’m gonna be a bad boy, I gotta be a bad bad boy

Need we say more?

Rain was back to his bad ways in the 2008 single Rainism, and like the lyrics, we couldn’t escape. Watch Rain be bad – all while rocking a three-piece suit and glow-in-the-dark cane – below.

30 Sexy

It’s hard to believe our favorite bad boy is 30 already, but Rain proves that 30 is indeed sexy in the smooth music video for his comeback track 30 Sexy.

But does anyone else keep hearing “dirty sexy.” No? Just us?

Instead of Saying Goodbye

The old school fan girl in us could not NOT mention this Rain classic. Rain’s Bad Boy behavior was forgivable all thanks to the gem that was Instead of Saying Goodbye.

We’ve never seen a man with boxing gloves looks so harmless. Visors, turquoise vinyl pants – what’s not to love?

I Do

The two words every man and woman hopes to say once in their life.

After making a bad boy debut, Rain sweetened us up with the sugary up-tempo ballad I Do, proving that no matter how bad he was, we simply couldn’t resist him.

To see Rain in one of his sweeter moments (and reminisce about the days when iPod’s didn’t have touch capabilities) watch the video below.

Busan Woman

You’re not a K-Pop star unless you’ve released a tribute single to your fans, and Rain buttered us up with Busan Woman in 2011.

We can’t all be Busan women, but Rain sure made us want to be and even feel like we could be with the sweet single.

Relive moments from Rain’s lustrous career while listening to the sweet serenade below!

Love Song
If Rain didn’t turn back for the girl in Bad Boy, he wasn’t about to let go of her in 2010 single Love Song.

Rain appears to have learned one very important lesson - that you need to hold on to love before it’s gone – the hard way.

To see a much more vulnerable Rain, watch the video below.

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