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Top 10 Moments of You Who Came From the Stars: Episode 5

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2014.01.04 10:00 Mwave Grace Danbi Hong

Is love in the air?
Perhaps it is, because episode five of SBS’ You Who Came From the Stars left our hearts beating for Do Min Jun and Chun Song Yi.

Here are our top 10 moments for episode 5!

Chun Song Yi: You must be crazy.

Do Min Joon: Chun Song Yi -

Chun Song Yi: Shhhh. You shouldn’t talk when in other people’s dreams.
Yeah… I was way too lonely, so my body was having a rough time too,
which is why I’m dreaming sexy dreams.
It must be time for me to get married. The body is honest.

Punk. Come more often and give me your arm pillow from time to time.

Do Min Joon, the doors to our dreams are wide open too.

Do Min Joon: Do you want know you of a way not to get hurt from other people?
Don’t give or receive anything, and don’t hold any expectations.
Then you’ll have nothing to be disappointed about or hurt by.

Chun Song Yi: Then what fun would life be?
You’ve never had anyone over at your place, huh?
Doesn’t seem like you have any friends. Do you even have friends?
Aren’t you lonely living on an island?

Do Min Joon: You have more than ten reporters waiting for you in front of your house.
Half of those people down below probably know a lot about you. Your manager, stylist, fans – you always have lots of people around you,
but you’re here alone right now.

Chun Song Yi: Why am I alone?
We’re here together.

Do Min Joon: Once upon a time, there was a ceramic rabbit.
That rabbit loved the little girl and watched over as she slowly died.
That rabbit promised itself never to make the mistake of falling in love again.
But go ahead and answer this.
If there is no love, how can a story end happily?

Do Min Joon: Ah…Father!

Finally embracing the role as son.

Chun Song Yi: This is so good~~

Do Min Joon: Why don’t you shut that mouth while you eat?

Chun Song Yi: How are you supposed to eat with your mouth shut?

We’re in awe of Chun Song Yi’s happiness while eating that feast of a meal *drools*

Do Min Joon: I think there’s a misunderstanding. I’m not doing it for another reason. I only want to check.
Whether or not there’s something between Yi Hwa and this woman. Or if she’s just someone who looks alike. There’s really nothing more or less-

Jang Young Mok: Fake eyelashes!

Boy/alien (?), stop lying to yourself.

Do Min Joon: Are you okay?

Chun Song Yi: Of course I am, because it’s not because of me. The sky knows it, the ground knows it, I know it…and even Han Yura who died knows it…. So I’m okay. …

Chun Song Yi: It’s really not my fault, right? What if it is…?

Do Min Joon It’s not your fault, so don’t think weird thoughts.

Boy: Lately because of you, I can’t focus on multiplication or division.
Do I…like you?

Girl: Sorry, I can’t accept your heart.
I have to do worksheets and catch up on three days’ worth of journaling. I have to write 100 lines for my mistakes on my test too.
I don’t have time to talk about love right now.

Loving The Heirs parody

Boss Hong: Life is comfortable when you just love yourself. But when you start loving someone else, life gets complicated and hard.

It suddenly comes in. An instant. That’s how it happens. Without any time for your heart to prepare, it just comes abruptly, suddenly, and absurdly.


Chun Song Yi: Thank you for letting me sleep over...and thank you for saying it′s not my fault.

Do Min Joon: You can be a little bit more closer for it to be one meter.


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